What’s the worst and what’s best about being a man?

In contrast to my prescribers, my word is rather prolific:

I hate to shave every morning since puberty, the older I am, the more annoying it is.But as a civilianmedical, exact orthopaedic consultant of the U.S. Army MEDCOM – Regional Health Command-Europe in uniform, I can wear a maximum of one moustache, a full beard is only possible in case of a skin disease to be covered with Attesting allowed by a dermatologist (since the MEDCOM does not want to be recognized as a civilian, that’s why I also adhered to the U.S. Army rooming regulations – moreover, I don’t have a full beard, because during the three months of strict bedrest, only two weeks in the intensive care unit, then in the nephrological plege station in the spring of 2008, I did not shave, for what?Looked horrible, however: no shaving for three months and no haircut for three months, but it was yellow.

Otherwise, my friends/wives were absolutely equal to me.Because in our high school not a single teacher would have even used the word emancipation in his mouth, but at least in our year – the rule was that, if possible, the specialist teacher from the sexta to the upper prima the same – we made no distinctions between teachers (was no different nine years later in the specialist training in Switzerland: the doctor had to take in the patient who planned surgery, shave in the operating room, store it, disinfect, stick sterile, then cover the rest with surgical cloths, operate, connect,,, if necessary, put on a plaster rail, later infuse a antibiotic um for the first time and, if necessary, infuse an opioid, possibly check and attach blood cans, the first Conduct changes of association, pull the drains, do the final examination, write the discharge letters first with your hand, then dictate even more detailed and carry out the post-op follow-up examinations in the consultation hour – all in one hand if possible !At least you didn’t get bored with it).

And with us there was no difference between teachers, that certainly made a lot of IN PVNCTO equality!Only once did we bully away an English speaker, a native speaker, Ms MacNorthon or something like that, because we wanted to have our usual English teacher back.We were probably 16 years old, but the most confident vintage ever.

It is a real shamethat such a thing is usually completely different, backward-looking and specialist teachers or professors, I am thinking of Prof.Gisa Fleckenstein-Green, before her, every student of our year had respect, not only because she was the chief physician of physiology (I wrote it before, in our year no one was younger than 25 and everyone had a completed vocational training, be it a Apprenticeship, be it a completed study, so we had all been children of the 1970s) are no longer taken as seriously as in ours (1971 to 1980), the product of 13 years of rude Merkelpolitics.But, i must say, I do not criticize their refugee policy, because this was quite so and was also largely well mastered – a country that was able to feed a small number of DE FACTO foreigners and still has to today (keyword: Soli.), is done with a few Millions will probably be finished!


There shouldn’t be a better and worse of females and girls!In the 1980s /1990s we had almost done this before, there was noneed for aMeToo – until the inner-German migration of peoples, together with Kohl’s freed from the Eastern Bloc, arch-conservative loot germans (Just a few examples of many, who today still calls his children Erwin, Egon, Eugen ET ALTERI?Actually only Adolfis missing, but that will come, no fear, RT or RT Deutsch will do it already!) …

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