What’s the weirdest scene you’ve seen in a movie?

Alice Evas’ underwear scene in Star Trek Into Darkness

It was such an unnecessary scene that the film’s author felt the need to apologize later.

Some context: In the scene, Eva’s character Carol Marcus and Captain Kirk talk about defusing a torpedo, and suddenly Marcus decides that a change of clothes is necessary.

She asks Kirk to turn around, which he does, but still risks a quick glance. You can see Marcus in her underwear.

JJ Abrams, the director, then holds this shot for a little too long, and the way it was portrayed is also a clear sign of the scene’s intent.Namely, mainly male Star Trek fans to make happy. The scene was also used in the movie trailer.

The film’s costume director, Michael Kaplan, agrees:

Last time Zoe had to wear underwear, and this time it was Alice Eve’s turn.

You know, it’s a pretty big male fan base, and JJ wanted to make it right for these fans.

Let’s make it clear that something like this happens all the time, and it’s something we’re used to.Especially in movies with a male target group. The problem was the implementation in the film Into Darkness; it was completely out of place and ripped the audience out of the film.

There was a lot of negative chatter online around the scene, and Damon Lindelof, who wrote the film, issued an apology while justifying the scene:

I pointed out that we should have done a better job.

We also had Kirk in both films shirtless in underpants, but I don’t want to go into what some call misogynistic. What I am saying is that I am listening, taking responsibility and will be more mindful in the future.

By and large, the objectification of men and women in film remains largely disproportionate.A pre-emptive strike for the people who will point out that Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine are sexualized in Thor and Wonder Woman – yes, they are, but here’s the thing:

One could argue that since Thor is a god, it is relevant to strengthen his strength and physical ability.As for Pine, this scene was crucial to the story. It was the first time Diana watched a man undressed, and it helped build up the sexual tension between the two characters. In addition, this scene also served as a subversive exploration of the objectification of women in blockbuster films. While Eva in Into Darkness is reduced to an object for no good reason, except to appeal to the male gaze.

Undoubtedly, this scene was not necessary.It was in no way relevant to the story.

They do it again and again because it works.How many of you clicked on this answer because of the picture? And if done right, it can be entertaining (as in Wonder Woman), but it certainly wasn’t done well in Into Darkness.

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