What’s the thing you just don’t understand?

I just don’t understand that we people always want to understand everything.

Yes, there is clearly science, and yes, these things are clearly proven BUT: there are many more events in the world that science cannot yet explain, and so I think we should believe, not just studies and theoretical findings.One’s own thoughts are often taken far too seriously and one tries to understand them. These, however, are not part of us, but come and go, as the clouds in the sky.

Besides, too much thinking is not healthy!

Why do I explain from a biological point of view:

The brain needs 20% of the total glucose in the body.Through constant thinking, we burn so much of it that it can be under a deficiency and consequently releases the hormone leptin. This gives us cravings for sweets and co, because the brain is on alert and wants to have sugar quickly! What unhealthy food and uncontrolled blood sugar levels can trigger is now known.

From a spiritual point of view, too much compulsive thinking leads to the fact that one does not live in the present moment, but always in the future or past.

This leads to inner tension, because you want to be in a certain place where you can’t be at that time (e.g. you want to have a project done, enjoy the weekend or you want to change a moment from the past, which clearly is not possible). Inner tension usually manifests itself in fear, anger or feelings of guilt. Fear only exists in the future, because you don’t know what to expect. Guilt exists only in the past, because a mistake was made there. At the moment, these conditions do not exist!

In addition, intimate relationships often suffer due to the constant disunderstanding or understanding.

One is annoyed by events that cannot be changed and therefore does not give the partner the attention he deserves! Women and attention in particular, or rather the absence of it, often lead to disputes or even separations! Ok then you just got hurt and ok, maybe the boss asked you to do overtime again. However, this must not be left out of the long term on the partner! If you can change something about it, it’s good and otherwise you just accept it.

Too much thinking and understanding also lead to a constant release of cortisol, as this hormone regulates our activity.

Melatonin is suppressed by this and this prepares us for a deep sleep. Sleep is more important to health than diet and exercise combined, according to new research, as the most Hgh (human growth hormone) is released during deep sleep periods. If one never comes to rest due to constant activity of the head, the result of unrecoverable sleep is faster aging.

There are other points that could be made here, but let us now come to the solutions:

  • in the evening from 8 pm (if possible) with your own family.

Fingers away from electronic devices that reactivate thinking and also negatively affect sleep through the blue light!

  • Don’t always try to understand everything.
  • There are simply events that science cannot yet prove. Point. (E.g. near-death experiences, big bang, Jesus crossing the sea).

  • Do more sport.
  • This promotes serotonin production, which makes us relaxed and happy.

  • Listen more to the abdominal decisions.
  • Even if the head can’t understand it, the heart often knows better what’s good for you (in my experience, every single time has worked out).

  • Focus on his specialty and don’t always want to have a say everywhere.
  • Not only does this come over unwell, it is also a waste of time, as one could devote much more time to his specialty.

  • Do activities with the family.
  • This allows you to experience the moment much more and get out of your mind!

  • Meditation.
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