What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever asked a stranger to do for you?

It’s not really that I asked it to her.

The despair in my eyes had a compelling effect.

I estimated her 16 years old.She was there in the grocery store in the wrong place, at the wrong time,

and made no appearances of chance.

Less than a minute later she stood with the diaper and the wet onesie of my son, when 4 months old, in her hands,

And she undoubtedly fored the moment she decided what to earn as a boxes filler.

I was first with my son in the grocery store.

My wife is extremely practical and can be captivated, with a blindfold changing a diaper in record time.

I traffic at the other end of this spectrum.

Already zigzagging with my son in the grocery store by the supermarket, I smoke something.

And it was not the cheese department.

I came closer…


It was my son.

A brief inspection showed that he had not only poked his diaper, but that he also had not seen his onesie,

… And he was not happy.

I had to do something, panicked and looked wild around me.

There she stood.

She was attentive, saw what happened, understood my despair, reacted directly,

and was not a minute later at my side in the staff room.

Under my inspiring direction, my son was provided with a new diaper and rompertje in no time.

She was great.

Something I entrusted the manager a day later.

I’ve been a geocacher for a while (Get the free Official Geocaching app and join the world’s largest treasure hunt. -Geocaching-Search based on coordinates) and regularly attended the biggest challenges: 5 countries visit in one day, all the Log caches that lay on the entire border between Germany and Denmark, climb trees, hang under bridges, walk through forests throughout the day, go through pastures, jump out and see the most beautiful places in foreign cities/countries.A wonderful game!

It also did not matter what weather it was: walking through forests, cycling through provinces and by car to Germany: Also in rain and wind I was on the way.

Now I was one day in Germany by car.There was a cache in a place that I really wanted to find. Next to the motorway there was a bike path with a wide sandy path. I drove over that dirt track (with my Opel Corsa) to get near the cache. Just after it had rained a few days a lot.

Swinging to avoid the pits and big puddles, I came bit by bit further.Until my wheels were stuck in the mud. I stepped out and asked the first the best cyclist I saw-it was a gentleman-, or he wanted to help me push my car out of the mud. He wanted to do that. So I got behind the wheel and he shove. We got the car out of the mud.

We started to discuss what would be better now: giving little gas and gently releasing the car, or just a lot.The problem was that a few meters away there was also a very large pond where the car had to pass through. If the car was so loose, it had to have enough speed to be able to defy that pee too.

I did not dare to give a lot of gas, because I was afraid that the wheels then only went harder spinning and thus disappeared deeper into the mud.I gave my car key to this gentleman and let it do it in his way: a lot of gas and quickly get away-from the pit, past the next puddle. And it succeeded him! I was incredibly happy. And he was very nasty from the mud, but also very satisfied that he had gotten it for each other. Really… It is wonderful that such people exist!

The cache is finally logged with this beautiful reminder.:)

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