What’s the strangest thing you’ve done or seen during a job interview?

I once had an applicant who said at the start of the conversation: “Wait, I’m going to put my phone off”, after which she pulled the remote control of her TV out of her handbag, looked at it and then said, “Oh, let”.

Luckily, I don’t have to recruit people every day, but it’s always an experience.

Not so long ago I received a candidate who applied for a job as a laborant.It was an internal candidate who worked on another department.

The person is put down and I asked him to briefly present himself.

It went about so

I’m Jan (not his real name) and I’m not that social!

Issue of immediately making a good impression.It could be that for certain jobs the profile does not require you to be super social, but not with us. And I hadn’t asked to give positive and negative traits. For me, the conversation has already gone on but out of politeness.

A little later he told Death and also without reason that he did not like to make solutions.I almost fell from my chair. The work of a laborant is, of course, a little more than just preparing solutions, but in an analytical lab it is now part of it. (He was in any case honest.)

To which I asked if he had already talked to a laborant what they should do.He had not thought of that. He worked for half a year in another department and was interested in the open function for laborant. But just before or after his hours jumping in to catch a chat with someone to check whether it was really something for him was apparently asking too much.

I suspect it had to do with its ‘ less social character ‘.

In any case we have not withheld him, though it may of course be even worse.

A previous candidate came to the job and from the conversation it became clear that he did not know what we did as a company.What I understand in itself we are not so familiar in the environment and work quasi exclusively as contract-manufacturing which means that we do not bring our own products on the market. But on the other hand if you come to apply for a position in a company then I expect you to have done a little trouble. So I asked if he had looked at our website to form an image of what we did.

The answer was Dishearting ‘ I wish to do that, but then we called MA that the food was ready. ‘

It is not easy to shoot spontaneously in laughter.

It really is as if some candidates want to give Quirit equal:

Or Lectr.

After I sold my company in 1999 I had another year of office space in the building.

From a flat organization with three founders, there were now several layers with managers.

And of the three founders, I was the only one to get over the floor even though I was no longer involved in the daily business.

Talking to the coffee machine with a few former Collega芒 鈧劉 s I saw a candidate for a job interview departing from the office of a manager, after which the next candidate was asked in.

A handsome girl from early 20 who was dressed in not very much more than a shiny black catsuit.

Fifteen minutes later she came out again, followed by the respective manager, provided with a big smile on his face.She turned left to the lift, turning right into the coffee machine.

芒 鈧?艙Certainly assumed? 芒 鈧?I asked him while he still enjoyed the view.

Cheerfully kneeling he shoved a cup under the coffee machine.

Glad that human resources were no longer my responsibility I headed back to my office.

At the beginning of a job interview for editor-in-chief of a monthly magazine about parenting, the publisher asked me 芒 鈧?艗what brings you to here? 芒 鈧?after he pondering to my RESUME looked.I said: 芒 鈧?艗if I have to answer it, it takes me an hour. 芒 鈧?He looked at me silently and then said: 芒 鈧?艗i want to see That then. 芒 鈧?I have done it exactly an hour to answer the question.

Halfway he stood up to take only coffee for himself, which was probably not a good sign.I had to stop my words flow at that time and have to offer him to show that I can also listen very well.

But instead I made my story undisturbed and said after exactly an hour: 芒 鈧?艗and that’s how I got to this point. 芒 鈧?/p>

A week later he said that he had been very impressed, and sincerely thought that I had been able to do the job, but that a few days later an even heavier candidate was coming to the position, where he eventually had chosen.I do remember that I was sorry to have been in the challenge. In a monologue of an hour it is almost impossible to score better as a candidate than when you enter the connection and the dialogue.

A month later, I had a nice, challenging job at an innovative department of the magazine Publishing house, who finally fit my profile and brought me on the cross-media path.It was 2001, still for the free fall of the magazines and newspapers in the Netherlands. But we all felt how challenging it would be to keep up with the competition of free content and cheaper advertisements on the Internet as a paper product.

Played a play!I saw an advertisement for a job that seemed to me what. The head where you could retrieve information I personally knew and I called him for further information. He was happy that I called and was accepted as far as he was concerned. But formally, HRM had to be involved in the application. He said send your letter and then we have to step together a play for and with the HRM department. So said done so, I was adopted.

Already upon entering, I noticed how cozy this organization was, a warm nest.During the conversation, I asked, whether they knew where the term “in the nesting works” came from. They didn’t know that.

I told them that that term comes from the mill world.When a windmill is well on the wind, it shakes and rattles. The ball bearings were wood and layers on a wooden ring. By shaking, the bearings go into the wood, they make a “nest”. A good Miller therefore moves the mill hood continuously, to prevent the grinder from working “in the nests”. Morality: When it goes well-and for example, people are going to adopt-you also have to resist the beacons.

After this story I recommended them to move.They looked at me astonished. “How do you know we have moving plans?” “I didn’t know, you just told me.”

I got the job, but the move has never gone through.

On the question, what did you think your previous employment was terminated?I replied that I actually thought it was relaxed that I was fired. Am ultimately not adopted.

An applicant who came for a position as an analyst/programmer (long ago, when it had a Dutch name) in IT. His mother was there….

I have been told that I did not want the job and one forced me to apply.

I didn’t got the job.And that was good too because I was not suitable for this job. And I didn’t want to change jobs.

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