What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever come across with a movie star/celebrity?

I have an Instagram account.Especially because my eldest son shares pictures of his little birds, very cute.

I look Instagram one á twice a day.I follow quite a few comics, but also Kristen Bell. I found her amazing in Veronica Mars, and she is fantastic at The Good Place. One of the co-players is Ted Danson, who is also on Instagram (as Teddanson) but I didn’t followed because he only posted ads for The Good Place. Kristen does a lot of good things that are interesting to read.

Two weeks ago I logged into Instagram and got the message that Tedddanson followed me.


And then he sent me a message, even so.UH WHAT????



Wait for Effe.

Look well.

There is an extra d in that name.

And then that fake account was already thrown off Instagram.


Ted Danson didn’t chatte with me.

That’s the funniest thing that ever happened to me with a celebrity.I have never come closer to a celebrity. Hahaha. So sorry.

I was in Hollywood at the same dinner table and a chat with Susan Sarandon and not by had who it was.

Everyone was looking so weird all the time because we were so intensively discussing all about it.Apparently because they didn’t know me and seemed like I knew Susan well.

In retrospect, I told the waitress that happened to be a bit Dutch because she had lived in Belgium for a while who was after she asked how I knew Susan.

My first time Comic Con.. I had paid for a ticket for a photo with Steven Ogg.I know him especially as Trevor from GTA5 and Simon of The Walking Dead.

There I stood, in line with trembling hands and nodding knees.At the photobooths you can already walk in and yes, Steven Ogg was making pictures.

I got it all warm and was heartstikke happy and nervous.Then it was finally my turn. He looked at me and smiled and I walked there quickly.

I still think “just take a picture quickly, nothing wrong” and before I knew it, I’m so on his toes!

Luckily, he was able to laugh and when I saw him later on the signatures he still recognized me and told him that it was not bad and that he had made a really worse deal with it.That made me feel comfortable, but my head was no less red!

Now I can be happy to laugh:D

Richard Kalu

We were waiting for view until we were divided over the bars and that side could.It was the 538 King’s Day festival in Breda.

Wolter Kroes arrives with his entourage, totally enthusiastic and cheerful.Begins to talk to random people, ask what we come to do etc. He is urged to walk further, because he has to do something before his performance begins. “Wait a moment! These people still have to be with me in the picture! Come and have fun! In the picture with Wolter Kroes, beautiful reminder to show to your family! “. All colleagues looked at each other strangely, no one had the intention to go with him in the picture, but in the end we made a group photo.

As a child (6 – 7 years) I saw Kristel from K3 with Gene Thomas in the airport.I was going to ask Kristel her signature and after that she had given it early gene Thomas “Do you want my signature too?”, not knowing who he was I said very directly “no Danku” and walked back to my parents. I remember especially how Kristel had to laugh with him.

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