What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done?

The dirtiest thing I’ve ever done was clear a friend’s clogged toilet.

On a hot summer evening, he invited me by phone to visit him, he said, today we can sit on the balcony until midnight.

Unfortunately, his toilet was full and useless to the edge.

The friend said that this is already going through, we could take turns pulling the rinse.I didn’t think anything of it, I said, “If not? You certainly need the toilet tomorrow morning.”

So we spent the wonderful summer evening with his beloved hit music, to which he wanted to “convert” me (bin Rockfan), after each snob one of us ran into the toilet and pulled the flush, whereby we had to make a jump backwards already during the pulling , because the toilet was already a little overpassed.(Schlagerfreunde, PLEASE don’t feel downed ! Schlager have their justification and the lyrics are often really out of life; “Schnulze” may sound disrespectful, but it is not meant that way.) After that we heard the next hit together again and who was just about to go to the toilet for flushing pull. It can’t be more romantic.

There was no future.I thought about how I could get this gentleman to take action, and around midnight the chain smoker ran out of cigarettes. Without cigarettes, he was a bundle of nerves, so luckily he left me alone for a while and I hoped that he wouldn’t immediately find his favorite variety and have to visit at least three vending machines or an inn.

I always have neatly folded plastic bags in my handbag – I have often bought something unplanned on the way.So in the absence of rubber gloves, I used two large plastic bags.

When the bin was emptied first, it was placed next to the cloak and my plastic-clad arms dipped deep, deep into the siphon (?) down and I found something really unexpected, namely a green plant with all the earth from the flower pot.I put the planter sedable in a third plastic bag, the other two came along, the toilet was usable again. I put the sack with the corpus delicti on his kitchen balcony.

When he came back with a few boxes of cigarettes, his first walk was to the toilet.I heard him cheerfully shouting, “Lizzi, the toilet is no longer clogged ! I said, with the rinsing, the blockage goes away!”

I replied, “Look at your kitchen balcony, what I’ve found!”

He wasn’t happy about that.He even wanted to scold me, I am his guest, a guest does not have the task to eliminate a toilet blockage, blah blah blah …

I then seriously told him that he should never do such nonsense again.He lived on the third floor … and As a parterre resident, I know from painful experience WHAT can happen if a toilet is clogged in the apartment above and people don’t get it right. Did someone on the 5th floor once, when my apartment was still completely new … it was a horror and of course it happened on Friday night. At my toilet, everything came out that came into the toilets of the upper four floors.

It’s been a long time … there was no emergency service at the time, if I remember correctly.- Has become long, my story and quite so dirty it is not … I wanted to tell something funny.

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