What’s the best thing that ever happened to you because you were nice to someone?

I was in a well-known Facebook group for PC support questions.When I asked about RAM usage of Chrome, I went into a discussion with Felix. I’m not sure what we were arguing about anymore, it was a long discussion anyway and after some time we outsourced this into a private chat so as not to disturb others.

After a few hours back and forth, even with digressions on other topics, we realized that we actually got along quite well and added up on Skype.

In the next 4 years we got very good joy, despite the long way we were able to meet “IRL” and understood each other very well.

Several far too ambitious projects by a media designer/programmer and a programmer/project manager follow.

Fast Forward to December 2017, I have the plan to stay the complete Gamescom Week 2018 in Cologne, with a bit of luck to produce some elaborate videos (despite barely reach with 100 subscribers, but we have a loyal community of ’80 people).

Now I would like to go to the press day for Gamescom.Not because I want empty halls, but because I actually want to do journalistic work, maybe it is possible to get one or the other developer or something else in front of the camera. Doof only: I train as a media designer in a company that has nothing to do with gaming. Neither the YouTube channel has the necessary reach, nor is the website with the written reviews relevant enough.

Coincidentally, Felix came back after a few months of “busy-work”.He would be in an interesting project now and they would still be looking for a web developer for the mainmenu of the game (a website is practically put over the game). After a very interesting conversation with the project manager, I have been in the development team since December. A completely new experience, since instead of one or two customers I now have about 800 to 1000 customers (=players) who put a lot of passion into the project.

In addition, I was assured that the development team would have a booth at Gamescom, the team could come along as a trade visitor, including me, of course.So yes, all my problems for this very cool project were solved because I was nice to someone on Facebook!

(I hate that this “vitamin B” thing works)


Now that Gamescom is over, I want to give you a little addendum.First of all: I have actually been in Cologne for the whole week, was able to produce exactly one elaborate video every day and also use the press/trade visitors area in a meaningful way (for example on Tuesday, where I was allowed to cut two videos at Nintendo’s “Closed Doors”.

I was able to meet well-known faces of the video game industry and at the same time good friends from all over Germany.It was truly a special new experience. Even Felix I met one day and we did a lot together, even though we hadn’t met for a while, because he is currently studying and has his hands full there.

The project that got me there has unfortunately become too big for me to be able to work on it, but it was a valuable experience!

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