What’s important to know before you get married?

How your partner thinks about getting and educating children.

How it turns out for you when you’re going to divorce.

In terms of liabilities and financial settlement.

Because very many weddings beaches.


  1. Try not to change each other.

Be honest: It’s already a tour to change something about yourself too. Assume that the other will not change substantially. Do not change yourself either, keep in mind each other and invest. But remains faithful to yourself and what you can give.

  • You are the first (and sometimes only) person responsible for communicating your wishes and boundaries.
  • How well you want and know each other, people change and also their needs.

  • Focus on the essence.
  • Be honest about what you want, but don’t make a point of it everywhere. Just plug energy into confrontations that go over essential things. Keep the list essences a little short.

  • Dare to agree that sometimes you disagree.
  • You don’t always have to be on the same line, as long as the disputes do not accumulate. Don’t always want to be right. Men often need to learn to speak about their unequal, women often learn to concealing their equal.

  • Appreciate differences.
  • Look at the positive sides of each other. Stimulate each other’s strengths and compensate the weak, of course, for power and reasonableness. Be gentle on the human edges that can disturb you with moments.

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    No one is perfect.

    Only the love you feel can be perfect.

    Don’t expect perfection.Life can be messy.

    Read books and listen to Video芒 鈧劉 s on Youtube (Mgtow) Why not marry you better!

    Especially if you are a man, dear reader:)

    What you expect from each other.

    • In the field of relations, monogamy, etc. Is it realistic to expect that for the rest of our entire life we only have sex with each other (go)?
    • In the field of Finance and Career, costs and expenses and household chores etc.
    • In the area of any offspring and how to educate them.

    You should of course discuss the conditions under which you want to join the marriage.In community of goods (and therefore also debts!) or under certain words.

    You need to know if you are not already married.

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