What’s harder: find someone to love or someone to trust?

I find neither very difficult.I always give myself completely.

And if the other is not worth it, I will continue.I have no trouble with confidence, but with adhesion. I’ve had borderline, and although I don’t have a borderline anymore the attachment disorder is still there. I give my trust very easily, but I also easily walk away if it does not work out.

I had to think about that.

Yes, I think it is possible to love someone without trusting him or her.

The holding-of gets a bit of a “against the cliffs”-character, but you can do little against it.Also the fact that, because of the lack of confidence, you end the relationship, does not necessarily change anything to the powerless loving-of.

All in all I think you can not speak of “harder”.You don’t find someone to love because you’re looking for it, but because you’re walking against it. So it is no harder, but I think it is less common.

Very tricky question.It’s pretty easy to be impulsively falling in love with someone. However, to be able to really love someone seems to trust me a condition. It seems difficult to love someone without being able to trust them. With that given you would say that it is always harder to love someone as someone to trust.

Trust is also something that grows and also knows different gradations.To be able to trust someone with surrender is almost impossible to find. However, to trust someone a bit is a lot easier. A colleague confident to take a piece of work for you or something like that (depending on your colleagues) is a lot simpler than finding someone to love.

I would say anyway, it’s harder to love someone like someone to trust.

I think it’s harder to trust someone.

You can easily love someone, but whether you can trust a person’s blindelinks will always remain a story.

That doesn’t apply to people who are close to you, like your family or friends.And even there you have people in between, who you also do not know or know for sure that you cannot fully trust them. But you can still love them.

The same applies if you are looking for your true love.You are in love and you love a person, first it seems to come from two sides, but then there come moments in love, where your true love is tested. And that doesn’t always look good.


I like for example best of animals.

But a cat trust?

Better of Not;-)

Trusting someone time and time again let people see me that they can’t even keep up with the simplest requests from me.I don’t like to do anymore because people are bad. I don’t think it’s that hard to be a new bed partner, but that’s more because of the lusts I have to expel from my body than to look at something of an emotional bond. I shared with ladies T bed where I disliked an unbelieving grave just because they opened their mouth and little bone. Being autist with sociopathic treks is so bad not only did I curse my dependence on sex. I always need someone else there and that game starts to get annoying. Ladies are not so of the let’s t keep it simple I just want t bed parts occasionally and for the rest I don’t want to have a bag with you. The ones that say they are like that should pay you to go away that become an expensive joke every time I feel like a break. They usually get out of it by feeling or being insulted when I walk with several women. Always give that to listen anyway I have some that I see to varying degrees but I am ambivalent about most. As long as I do not find a lady who does everything I want in bed looks nice from me eige age and does not run to Zanniken I stay with several ladies who really just find annoying but I can lose my egg. Not neat but for my it works.

A good candidate will be the public limited company with free (not named) marketable property papers on the stock exchange.

I think to trust.It’s easier to get a crush on someone or love someone. While being the one of whom you love to impair your trust you still might love him or her, but no longer trust it.

Think e.g.To Love at first glance: Keep Yes, trust has yet to be built.

Also think of Cheaten.You can still love your partner after cheating but I don’t trust.

Trust.But with the years I notice that when you donate your trust, it becomes possible that someone loves you.

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