What’s a sweeping photo you can’t get out of your head?

I can think of some events but these are the first two to come to mind.

The first is a shot of the brutality that ISIS stands for.These are two Turkish soldiers who are burnt alive.

The second is an indirect result of that civil war, the tears shoot at me always in the eyes as soon as I see this picture.

This twink drowned in 2015 at the age of 3. On the flight for the civil war that grows in SyriƩ. R. I. P

I personally find pictures from the First World War very drastic because they show (un) human images.

The beginning of the war.

These French soldiers wore blue jackets with red trousers. Trenches weren’t there yet, and officers were never allowed to lie. Napoleonic warfare.

This picture shows us a group of French soldiers who from a trench view the battlefield (Somme).

A number of comrades is already in the field. They are probably the next. On the horizon some smoke plumes of exploded artillery grenades. Note the new field kit.

All horror in one known photo.

Two English soldiers manning a machine gun here. For the certainty they only have a gas mask. We also see a little barbed wire in the foreground. In 1916, there was so much barbed wire that soldiers could barely walk yet.

Hence it was necessary, the British Mark I tank.

A weekday in a German trench.

Well, that should happen. War is waiting, finally.

A number of British soldiers stand up to their knees in the mud as they drain a wounded comrade.

This war was a hell, a hell that we could barely imagine.

And then we are not even talking about the weapons that were used, about the diseases, the food and the weather.

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