What would you do with your free time if the internet did not exist?

Reinventing the Internet.

I would tie myself up, I think.

No, seriously.

But then you have to read why haha.

Indeed, I am chronically ill.As in: really very very chronic and very very sick. I have Ehlers Danlos, a disease of the connective tissues, with on top and/or as worst symptom fatigue.

I currently live on 2% energy.Since December I walk with a lump in my chest (for which I get surgery tomorrow, which was unfortunately bad news) which makes it (hopefully temporarily!) a little less.

That means that when I stand up, I hang and strang’t dress up, put tea, sit behind the computer and not stand up for the time being.Sometimes I only eat something at 2 o’clock. I have not had breakfast now, and I only drank my tea. I do have thirst, but yeah… Still not bad enough to stand before.

THAT’s how tired I am.

Internet is my salvation.

Quora is an important part of my life.I don’t work, of course, though Jaaaaaaren no longer, so that all feels pretty useless. On Quora I don’t feel useless. Very nice!

And I do genealogy online, which is really great.

Without internet I would think I would become insoluble depressed.I don’t have to think about it.

Luckily it doesn’t need hahaha!!

I had my first Internet connection in 1993.I have done it for 30 years without it. And also now I spend a lot of time in the real world instead of the fake-good-news-world of Zuckerberg C.S.

There are still things like sports, books, movies, magazines, bikes, cars, museums, (fairground) attractions, saunas, beaches, forests, sailboats, pubs, friends, clubs, and many more real things.In fact, you have little time for Internet.

I still experienced the time when the Internet was not widespread yet.At that time I played computer games and read a lot of books. I was able to devour thick books in a short time. Nowadays I do a long time to read a book. With difficulty I can have a book within a week, maybe two weeks off, while it can be best read within a day.

I would also read more newspapers and watch more television.Actually, I would spend my time more useful. The downside is only that I can’t sit on Quora or Wikipedia. Furthermore, I cannot receive any e-mails.

Sometimes I would think, for example, to have no internet for a year.I have actually experienced this situation recently. At the move I got internet at my new address only after 1.5 years. Then I only had internet on my cell phone. I was very economical with my data credits and actually used this only to receive WA and emails as well as to do internet banking. Only once in a while I went surfing.

So in conclusion I would say that if internet did not exist or I do not have Internet, then I would read more and watch more television.With watching television I also mean watching movies from videotapes or DVDS.

I hope this has answered your question.Thank you for answering me this question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user).

Everything I do now, despite the internet exists.

For me easy to answer because the Internet only started to become a thing when I was beginning 30…
And, as a journalist, it would also have an impact on my work, not just free time.
So: More to the library, chords for songs I want to play yourself out (or find in the music library), read more magazines, make more phone calls, write more letters, travel more.

In short: I would take more kilometres.

Reading, exercising, dealing with people in real time (I already do).
But also many unnecessary journeys to do groceries, go to the bank for my transactions, get a newspaper in the Newsboy.
Lose time to have the right info for the right purchase.
For example, acquaintances of me who do not have internet, were lost half a day with shops to go off to find a new battery for the bike.At the end of the board they came to me. 10 seconds later I knew where it was handy and 10 minutes later the order and payment could be completed. The time that was originally lost could have been filled with, for example, a day out in some city.
Actually have less free time than you now have under reservation that you are not stuck to your screen now.

Probably bored me.What I find very unfortunate is that man or at least I acclimatize so quickly. I grew up without the internet but I got used to it. I would read a lot more and transfer outside time. But in the long run I’ll be a bit crazy too. Nowadays as an own secretary we have the devices think earlier communicators did not erased as much as now smartphones. Bravo from a side anyway pity on the other side.

I suspect playing more board games, reading books, watching television and listening to radio.I’m glad the Internet is there, a great hobby is to make web based games in my spare time and well that can’t do without the Internet.

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