What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and discovered that you are the last man in the world?

Ha Well, that’s funny too.That was what I was suddenly asking myself yesterday!

I was lying under the irradiation apparatus and I thought “what if it does not stop, and no one comes to say that I may be off the bed?”

I would of course first not know that I am the last person.I would just know that I am the only one in the hospital. So I would spend days inventing whether there are even more people. First of all my wife, who would I then try to call from the hospital. Then I would call the emergency number.

I had my tablet with me, with WhatsApp, and then I would try to reach my family.

Furthermore, it really depends on what happened. If everyone is just going to smoke, then other plans are needed than when everyone has died.Because in the latter case, I am far from the inhabited areas withdrawing a necessity. That can be fortunately reasonable here in America, since I don’t live in or at a really big city.

I think I would try to come to the Rocky Mountains.It would be difficult to get across the motorways, even if everyone else is in smoke, all those cars are still there. So I would have to look for a Range Rover or similar sturdy car so that I don’t always depend on roads.

Coming back to Europe would not just go, I would have to learn a plane… I once found Flight Simulator already a problem haha.But I would certainly like to know that my family, and certainly my children, were really no longer there. I would find it terrible that I would not know their fate.

Of course there is plenty to eat for the next few years, in all supermarkets, I’m not so busy for the time being.But it is very pointless, live alone. I can imagine that within a few years that is no longer fun, regardless of all the travel you can do, and the beautiful houses where you can live. All that is not a substitute anyway.

I think that within a few years it really gets completely quiet, in terms of people, here on Earth.

That seems to me to be a very crazy sensation and how do I know that I am the last?Is there a note? Surely I would find it quite problematic not to know where my husband and son stayed or has anyone gone dead?

In The latter case-seems to me also the easiest, I would bury my husband and son, just to give it a stop.Mean the neighborhood will be littered with it so that won’t be going very far in too long, so I don’t think I would stay there.

From the car of my parents I have a key, I would give motoring a chance and throw my mountain bike in the back.I think I would be best off in nature far from where people are, tentatively, plus I would also like to discover if there are still animals alive. That would still be something. I don’t expect the drive to be very difficult, say, without other road users. I would drive from gas station to gas station and take some jerry cans as well. I think I would go into the mountains of Austria. Maybe I find somewhere another loco motive that you still have to control in the old way (or that goes well… we see that).

From supermarkets I just take things in mind that doesn’t go and of many things I know what you need to make it (bread etc) so I can always do that later.Well where would I go? No idea. Just wandering around, discovering my new World and living out my life. In My head I’ve always had a radio, so lonely I won’t feel. And then, if I do, I’ll cry a little fifteen minutes and I’ll go on again. It’s what it is.

I would make it a feast of the world

As a whole abstener, I would have drunk drinking well.

And then look for a warm sunny place and start reading all the books for which I never had the time.A few books on gardening will definitely be needed, as I have to eat anyway:)

Grab a bike or car, loot the grocery store and cross the continent to Thailand or Malaysia.

First of all I delve into energy generation, so I can keep enough grocery freezers going to freeze food for the rest of my life.I don’t have much to do for water. Bet that there are a few million liters around all supermarkets. Maintaining wastewater treatment plants must also succeed, although this is an extremely difficult job in your uppie. For clean shower water.

Celebrating that I never have to pay an account in my life.That no one is more forcing you to work if you want to live. Cheer that all autiritaire people are gone.

And then do the rest of the time I feel like it until I am satisfied with what I have experienced and then commit suicide.

Or dying by old age.

No idea actually how long I could be without social contact without having to turn around.

That is not the plan of Mr. Zebaoth the first and last.So I will realize that I still dream and try to wake up 脙 漏 CHT.

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Nothing, just do further, I feel for so long alone, so what would be the difference?That I feel what I am.

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