What would you do if you caught a thief in the act?

That is what it is.A shoplifter I usually let walk. Clicks then seems worse than indicating.

If I get robbed myself, I usually grab it straight away. I then take back the gestolene with voice elevation.But the thief let me walk, glad I got it stolen back and too perplexed that I was robbed. The thief is also aiming to smear him and I’m aiming to get the stolen stuff back.

A thief often seems very decent too and pretending he doesn’t understand how he could take something with it.Understandable because I also accidentally take a phone from someone else. But because of his decency, you are amazed that it is a thief. One time someone caught all the birch trunks of me was swiping. Really a decent little gentleman. He was already gone before I figured out his number plate to jot down.

What do I do if someone else is being robbed?Or I immediately intervene, or I warn, or I do nothing at all. Can’t remember very much.

Can still remember how I was approached by a bike thief once, who wanted to sell a bike.First perplexed, you realize that the bike is stolen, but it is also a profitable offer. Then I grabbed his bike bite. “You stole this bike! You are not allowed to steal bikes at all! I take your bike! ” But he jerked him loose and quickly away. I also didn’t want to let it run on a brawl. For example, thieves always have a kind of advantage, they know who they are, but the other must also continually handle a shock. This way they often get away well.

At a Albert Heijn were once professional thieves and I did indicate that.But the staff just let them go. “We cannot chase them.” Not trained to count on thieves.

It is also a fixed tactic of a thief to throw the booty on the street and then run away.You then grab the booty and the thief is gone.

Now I’ll be super tough to say things I would all do but honestly I really don’t know.I am not afraid, nor do I block in extreme situations, but I will only find out if I would come back.

I’ve got my house completely secure and am connected to an emergency room this because I believe in prevention.So I sleep softly. But I will scare myself if an unknown sound would wake me up in the night.


Nothing is mine in this cosmos.

Once mortals matter begin to claim as their personal possession, automatic thieves are created that also want a slice of the cake.

People live in their own illusion that they can claim dinges, eventually death takes away everything from them.

At last you are at home as an old grey owl that has lost its most feathers to hold its possession with one.

If you try to flee, I would go back.

And if I have to tackle it, it is not yet a birthday.

Good question and… A dilemma.

By nature I am not someone who quickly appeals to undesirable behaviour, let alone that I can quickly make an assessment of what someone intends. But I do believe that the latter is something you can learn, and it is a coincidence that I have had a lot of training in the first-appeal of people on behaviour.

I worked in a supermarket for 17 years and the shops where I worked all had a high risk profile.The HOMAG courses were therefore a fixed jab. My last years at Albert Heijn I spent in a specially established safety team to counter shoplifting.

My previous career entails that I usually have my groceries for five minutes and if I’m in a supermarket for too long (with old colleagues talking) I’m going to concentrate on shopping or shop view.Well, and then you can see things that I used to go straight away: people who eat products and then stop the empty packaging in the shelves, pushing products or hiding products under bags at checkout… That kind of work.

Nowadays I am looking for a shop employee or I (afterwards) light up the cashier. Everything is filmed nowadays and afterwards it is up to the store to do something with it discreetly later (including a photo print and later appeal).

My dilemma is: I don’t want to get into a spicy discussion or even a raunchy mess.People nowadays have a brief fuse and although I’ve learned how to send a conversation, I don’t want to get the first aid. As a citizen, I am poorly insured in this kind of incident (liability) and it is only to be seen that I can easily recount my costs (excess in the treatment of injuries, cracks, etc) on an offender. Speaking from my current profession (Criminal law attorney): It is only a lot of problems for those few euros. And then I don’t even agree on the cost of lost time and possible image damage (“attorney who holds his own potential customers”).

As soon as the value increases or the incident becomes more drastic, it is different.In the (also) violent crimes: I have already called the police the first times and always make the assessment intervene or not. That’s also called a thingy: my advice is better not do. Nowadays, many people are doing martial arts, they are fitter than you think, and if they have used something or are para, also four times as strong.

Police call.

Demolish!Overpopulation-> chaff of corn separating.

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