What would you do if the world is taken over by artificial intelligence tomorrow?

The changes are slow, so we learn to live with it.There is still little to do with intelligence. Speed and complex algorithms, yes. Give the so-called AI another problem and nothing happens. So that day is not yet in sight.

TL NG: what should be avoided especially is that people start thinking about the quality and content of the information they see.

  1. I would not read any DT errors anymore I think:-).

A KI only does for what the thing is programmed. It has no feelings, does not get tired, makes no exceptions, mistakes, it does exactly what man has stopped in it.

  • People who are working on the hardware and software for KI (AI) every day know that it is purely mathematics, it has nothing to do with intelligence.
  • Through statistics We try to do intelligence (approaching), i.e. recognizing objects, speech recognition,…

  • Every application needs a so-called training or learning phase (for simplicity let’s not consider self-learning KI).
  • We always have a dataset, a goal (statistical probability that a dog is on a photograph) and a model or algorithm that specifically focuses on what we want to do. Training a model to recognize dogs in photos cannot do speech recognition. Trained models that recognize dogs can be put on portable devices (tablets, telephones) to recognize live with a camera dogs. We can even recognise dogs and cats. But not all possible animals that occur in Belgium or the Netherlands. Certainly battery based devices do not have the computing power (indeed math!!!) to detect and classify a wide range of animals. And speech is a total other application that needs other data, other algorithms and learning phases.Speech cannot just mean any dialect or any language. There are serious limitations in terms of application and training cost huge amounts of computing power.

    The hype today (and look around you how many people are talking about it, how many wild stories the round do) is due to attention-seeking media who need such Indians stories to get their visitor numbers up.It all sounds very exciting, but it’s just meant to make advertisements on websites, apps,… more worth it. Because, someone who is working with KI, technically speaking, knows that in this century there are no killer robots going to be. The technical KI hype (KI is only 50 years the toy of Acdemici, so certainly not new) has come because some years ago so-called edge devices were possible. Drones that could recognize objects e.g. (real-time detection). Models that could defeat certain human players (Go for example). The first models needed a lot of data center computing power to train. We can become more and more, the hardware gets better, we develop more and better algorithms. But at the same time, it’s a challenge to identify what a 5-year-old child can do, at a glance, and understand what others are saying around, even if it’s a form of dialect, imitate. Once KI can assist man in improving AI, the exponential development can start. But at the moment, and knowing that the big companies have budgets but not the right structure, employees and project teams to be even 10% efficient, the exponential curve (CFR Kurzweil) is still far away.

    And looking forward has little sense, the average citizen prefers to wake up from Terminators who eradicate all people than from the information he receives from various sources, provided to attract him or her attention so that one can get targeted advertisements can offer.Sales and marketing.

    What should be avoided especially is that people start thinking about the quality and content of the information they see.

    If one continues to spread nonsense about KI, what other things are they actually rattling with our feet?

    Well, that was it, dear eyepipe children, eyes closed and bevelers, sleep well!

    What I’m going to do..?Ehhh, be taken over? Depending on how it happened, it seems to me that you have little to say when a swarm hunter-killers hang over your house. Resisting makes little sense.

    Or do you wonder what I am going to do today when the machines announce the world to take over tomorrow ?Then I will try to find a drug dealer who can sell me things that I would not otherwise do. Becomes tricky because the chance that IE itself is already in front of Pampus is great. It would be kind of the machines to award us this last day. You can say to your people that you love them. Perhaps cozy to hold an apocalypse party. Better partying at the bottom than fighting. In addition, you make more chances of survival if you do not behave as if the machines are a company because with that you become an enterprise.

    If they were only going to take over the world by bumping the world leaders from their place, I really only see a more beautiful world than what it is today. Remains to be seen what is to be done.It could just be that we don’t have to do anything at all. Suppose we are all hung on a large network which connects directly to our brain. All knowledge available as if you have always known it, experience the most bizarre situations, just from your couch. Food and sleep we also made makkelook. A trip to the toilet becomes one of the most difficult physical strenninigen.

    But I am a proponent of technological singularity and I hope to make it even more so, whatever it is.If our time as humanity has come, then that is just so and there are undoubtedly worse ways to come to your end. You can assume that the machines have a free 芒 鈧?虄humane芒 鈧劉 way to eradicate humanity, if that is the plan. Not because they are morally but simply because it saves energy.

    Anyway, sit back and relax and not resist.

    Stop thinking and sit back and relax.

    ‘, ‘ Tomorrow only?Then I think ‘ beautiful, again a day won. ‘

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