What would you do if someone would ask you for a wedding ultimatum? So, whether you marry them or you go away?

If you are so bad in communicating that you have to ask someone for an ultimatum because you have previously been unable to express your needs and tackle the problem, I tend to lose my interest.

An ultimatum is a weak offer.Asking someone for an ultimatum is wrong.

I would break the relationship myself.

Communicating in the form of an ultimatum I find not-done.

In addition, compulsion seems to be one of the worst reasons for getting married, and I find a marriage at all very little add to cohabitation.

I have experienced such a thing myself.I was almost 40, divorced, already had a child and found it all fine so. He was a little younger, very dependent on his family who wanted to see him married as soon as possible, but obviously not with someone like me. He was more and more likely to be wasting his life next to me and that he wanted to marry everything on and off. I said every time firmly: I think it’s fine, your mother prefers you to be gay than a single mother, you’re super attached to your family, so be glad I don’t expect a search from you. After another quarrel I asked for my keys.

I always get rebellious feelings when someone gives me an ultimatum and will be inclined to leave, purely from ‘ spite ‘.Whether this is good advice, I doubt.

So long.

I don’t let me blackmailed.

Laugh hard and then grab my stuff.Just to scare you. Are you totally out of the pot…

After that, I would of course enter into the conversation.Otherwise I would be just such a big toddler. This scenario has many possibilities!

On a good day I could also see it as a compliment.Would you like to marry?

I might also doubt myself.Am I so unapprovable? That you have the idea that you have to put me to talk to me?

Anyway: enough to talk about!

I would leave.It’s that simple.

No one is going to force you to marry.Look at it, you’ll get married when you want it. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense, don’t you seem?

Someone should just ask me first.The way it belongs. You can hear from me if the party goes on or not.

Marriage is something that must go out of heart, and not be forced upon.

So this is totally wrong.

Do not.

I knew a woman who did that.I understood her motive. The years went by, and she wanted a family. She wanted to know where she stood. So she said to him, where does this go? I want to marry and return a family or my freedom to find new love and to have a family. The man married her. But a family never came. He did not do it. And finally it ran out on a divorce. All drama and misery.

Marrying under pressure does not work

Then it becomes the last.If the first one does not want to be carried out myself.

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