What would life look like if we had an autocracy instead of a democracy?

For people like you and me, who prefer not to take a leaf for the mouth, that’s hell.

Very different.In an autocration, (alleged) problems will be tackled more quickly. However, problems will also be less quickly addressed in a system where criticism is not really desirable.

There have already been numerous:

The absolute monarchy, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China under Mao and now Xi Jingpin, Chile under Pinochet, Iraq under Saddam Hussain etc.

They had several similarities: lacquer to human rights, free speech, corruption, oppression and peoples who had no say or had any control.

Democracy is criticized because people feel they have little influence on government policy, in an autocracy we would have no say at all

I do not understand the hang of a strong man/woman, brings only deep misery with him

Just an answer from Belgium.It is a frequently heard misunderstanding that Belgium would be a democracy. As professor of Constitutional Law Eric Vuye put it: there is very little reason to call Belgium a democracy, other than to maintain the erroneous habit. Belgium is a particracy, which is the closest to an oligargie. The small administrative teams of 3 or 4 parties actually determine what Parliament is doing. Not even the few dozen elected representatives of the winning parties, but only their administrations determine what happens. As good as never does anyone vote against his party line, because then his career is on it. It is, apart from being extraordinarily undemocratic, also very susceptible to fraud. In order to make a democracy of Belgium, you should abolish almost the entire political class. I do not call it democracy.

First, true autocration never exists.E脙 漏 N man cannot exert power over millions of people in Z芒 鈧劉 N, for that one man needs the help of millions of people.

Furthermore, an autocration depends heavily on the power of the train and its immediate surroundings.You can almost argue that an autocrat who is afraid to lose his power will mainly use fear to maintain his power. While an autocrat who understands that power is given by the powerlessness, will do everything to give the powerlessness the power, so that they give him or her power.

Of both forms there are sufficient examples in history.The past century we have had a few examples of autocrats who used fear to obtain and retain their power. The best known is Adolf Hitler, but Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pinochet, Pol Pot, Franco are other examples. Illuminated autocrats are few examples of it, because it is often not seen as illuminated if only one person has the power. But Marcus Aurelius of Hammurabi and Caliph Al-Ma芒 鈧劉 mun are examples of autocrats who found society’s development more important than power for the rulers.

And, as there is much to do with democracy, there is, of course, a lot to do with autocratic societies, which apparently knew a time of peace and prosperity.

It is therefore very difficult to describe life under one or other form of exercise of power.There are plenty of examples of democracies that make it a mess, we see it now, for example, in the US, which calls itself a democracy, but is actually a state where money is the power. So there have been autocracies where the inhabitants will say: Glad I live here. In that democracy there you never know if you will be treated honestly.

Ultimately, it all remains human work.

History books are full of examples.If you like to have a more recent look at the things, look at the trailer of George Lucas芒 鈧劉 THX1138 THX 1138 (1971) Official trailer-George Lucas, Robert Duvall Movie . In addition to technological counter-utopia, governed by invisible 芒 鈧?艙managers芒 鈧? you also have the religious autocration (I suspect that Iran and Saoudi-Arabie are good examples) or, just the chaos with a 芒 鈧?艙strong man芒 鈧?(it’s always a man!) who tries His will to insist, example: Lybie or the Congo of Kabila.Exploitation (because autocracies serve a minority), violence and unfreedom are constants of autocracies. Nothing for me.

Then the Dutch would play out once a year in bright orange and on the street remarkable games like the autocrat birthday celebrated.

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