What would happen to the world if death no longer existed?

That is unimaginable for me.Really. And for all other people as well.

Life, change, propagation, the beauty of new life, discovery, development, food, growth, the seasons, gaining experience, all these things are inseparable.And equally inseparable from death.

“No death” would be the end of nature.Animals could not eat plants, acorths could not grow into oak, because they would push the existing trees and plants, because they are not dying.

Foxes can’t eat bunnies.Bears cannot eat salmon, salmon can not eat small fish, small fish can not feed themselves with even smaller organisms.

But also if the question would involve: what would happen to the world if people did not die, you come upon similar abominations that would actually mean the end of human life.

Suppose I’m not dying and all the people who are now on earth are not.At bat, everything that gives our lives content would be worthless. Children? Totally irresponsible, because there is simply no place for it, nor does it come. Career? Why? Learn something? Why now? Because I can do that tomorrow, either the day after tomorrow, or next year, or about a thousand years, or not.

And as far as we know now about 4.5 billion the earth will be swallowed up by the sun.Where am I going? Where do we all go? And what is the fun of a perpetual journey through this universe and infinitely next?

No, there is one thing worse than having to die and that has to live forever.

If ‘ death ‘ no longer existed…

Interesting idea.. However, it is impossible in this reality.What is considered for a living being as ‘ death ‘ is simply the ultimate collective degenerating of organs because the telomers can no longer facilitate the cell construction/repairs properly (simplified). But death is very general: the end of the existence of a form. Thus dies a planet, a star, a river, even eventually the universe (what we reality norms).

So there is no ‘ existence ‘ without death.That is energy technically not possible. Each movement dies, so each cell dies. We could eventually become digital, but also technical systems die. So it is simply unrealistic to make a representation of a reality without death. Terry Pratchett is the only one I can think of that it could.

It would be an even much greater chaos.

More wars, more death and destruction.

Planet we are spoiling.

Crime, corruption, overcrowding, terrorists everything that is negative actually, but then ten thousand times worse.

If you consider what major changes take place every five years, then you don’t even want to get older than 90/95 years max.

Babies who come from the factory, people who clone themselves, live as a ciberrobot, natural disasters that we can generate with the HAARP installations, go live on Mars.It should not be more backward.

Is that really something you want to live forever?

The earth would then become more and more massive by propagation (eventually only from microbes ed).The growth thus consists of living beings, and this huge sphere of living beings will then eventually be swallowed up by the sun and destroyed.. While nothing goes dead: S

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