What would be a reason for you to emigrate from the Netherlands?

I want to say that we have very good in the Netherlands, I myself have a roof over my head, education, work and can practise my hobbies in freedom.

One thing I would like to ‘ flee ‘ by emigrating would be the ‘ rush culture ‘, as I call it.I experience life in the Netherlands sometimes as ‘ always busy ‘ and ‘ life to work ‘. For example, a harrowing example is that there are families whose parents are both working, and then delivering the children to the childcare for whole days.

I spent four times a whole summer in Sweden.The way of life is very different from the Netherlands. It is more enjoyed by nature, it is important to spend time with your family and holiday and leisure is important. For instance, the vast majority of residents have 2 months of holiday, and that’s that. In addition, the salary of the different fields of work is much closer together. In my view, this means that in any case you are chasing a career because you like it, and not because it generates a big bag of money. The priorities are in this way better divides in my opinion.

Now I call Sweden an example based on my own experience, but if I were to emigrate, the reasons mentioned above would be the rationale for moving away from the Netherlands.With the aim to offer my children, whom I ever hope to get, a ‘ better ‘ (because what is better;)) future.

Curiosity.The world has so many beautiful and interesting places. I have lived outside the Netherlands for over 9 years, in three different European countries. In all three, I learned a lot, about myself, but also about cultures and practices. It is an experience I can definitely recommend. Now I live again in the Netherlands, but what I have also learned in time in other countries is that nothing has to be definitive.

It’s fine in the Netherlands, but in other countries too.It is important that you leave for positive reasons. Flights for something like intolerance or immigration or taxation is not very meaningful. Every place has pros and cons. If you’re ‘ flight ‘, then you come across another place to see other things for which you might want to ‘ flee ‘.

Go for the experience.Enjoy. Learn. Live.

In the Netherlands, We have some populist political parties who hold certain populations accountable for all problems.The one holds immigrants responsible for all problems, the other has it constantly over ‘ the rich ‘ (where everyone with their own home or business falls).

When either comes to power in the Netherlands I leave.

A country which divides itself by populists is no longer a country in which I want to live.

One reason could be to make use of European employment.I also feel more like a European than a Dutchman. Everywhere you find fine people within Europe. I think it is important that a person, man or woman, can stand on their own feet. I like to work, but it is something that suits me. If I do not find a connection in the Netherlands, I can look beyond the limits imposed by the Netherlands. Of course this is not for everyone, and not everyone wants to leave their family. However, if you want to move forward, we sometimes have to make sacrifices. I myself have previously developed abroad to get the best of my skills. Personal growth is important to me, and that means that I also look beyond geographic boundaries to achieve my goals. Do not stay somewhere where you do not come to your right, work on a better version of your self even if that crosses the Dutch borders. Of course it is important to monitor your Dutch nationality well and to renew your passport prematurely when making such considerations. Many young people often return to their own country because of family reasons.

I am married to an American citizen.When she came to the Netherlands from California in 2012, the immigration policy had just changed. The employees of the IND were not even aware of the rules and we were told that we had to be married within three months if they wanted a residence permit based on family reunification. Later it turned out (after we were married) that we could have waited a half year longer because we could not marry (at that time) in the country of origin (US).

Meanwhile we have a little girl walking around and we expect to get a second.

Currently I wouldn’t move to the US.I am a trans-wife, married to a woman, and I am not faithful. The climate there is therefore not optimal for me and for my family.

The Netherlands is fine in that I have few annoying things to do here.As for faith, identity, sexuality, we are indeed tolerant. However, I do see how change. We are less tolerant when it comes to immigration. And populism is increasing.

When our country turns to a less tolerant country where populism is important.Where you have to fit into a model and where violence is more normal than now. Where the bullets fly you around the ears and the life of your children is no longer safe… Then I think I’ll go away. Probably to a country like New Zealand.

The rise in sea level.But yes, here in the throw we sit a few meters above NAP, so with the warming of the earth it might even be a tropical island.

I have lived in 8 different countries and on 4 different continents.First with my parents and later only. The Netherlands has changed very much and you only see that when you come back after a time. Full built, rushed, no time and lots of rules.

I did not leave the Netherlands because I did not like it anymore, but because I felt more at home in another place.I have to add that-looking back-a traumatic experience may have influenced my decision. So it is very personal. And it is also a snapshot; So it can change again, even though I’m away for half a year and don’t think I’ll come back so quickly.
I am honest about the fact that I have taken the decision.I am not going to invent any arguments, just because my environment is asking for it. I often get the question presented why I am left. I then reply in all honesty that I don’t really know that, but I feel more comfortable here (in Israel). It makes me realise that we live in a time of luxury, in which people no longer emigrate for a better material life.

I experience emptiness, cold and distant in the Netherlands.Don’t feel life. So, I want to redo my previous emigration again, and this time for Echies…. Weg from NL

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