What will you never forgive your doctor?

I had carefully selected my new gynaecologist after the move.On the first visit she was very nice and talked to me for a while before she carried out the investigation. Then she told me that I had to have my uterus examined (with a tiny camera, vaginal) because she thought she felt some knots and I could have polyps or so. Well. A week later I came back and was taken to a special examination room, which contained all sorts of interesting devices. I lay down on the table, she picked it up, put the speculation in, told me to relax, then she pushed the camera (on a thick wire) through my cervix upwards. Yeow. Damn, that hurt! I didn’t scream, but I think more out of surprise than anything else. She had told me it was going to be a tweak. I said in a succinct, high voice, “That really hurts.”

The doctor replied, “I know it will only take a minute.” And the nurse smiled kindly at me, as if it wasn’t a big deal.The doctor turned this thing in my womb, which just felt horrible, and looked at the screen to see what was going on. It felt like years, but it really only took her a few minutes to pull it out and say, “Everything done! No polyps, your uterus looks like a 20-year-old!” She and the nurse laughed as if it weren’t a big deal.

I was kind of in shock.When I got up to put on my pants, I saw a few blood stains on the floor and pointed them out. The nurse gave me a monthly tie and said, “Sometimes this happens, don’t use tampons for about a month,” then added, “You did really well, some patients crying and screaming.”

When I got home, I was very sore and still bleeding, and I knew something was wrong.So I called my GP and told him, and he let me come by immediately, even though it was in the late afternoon. He had a gynaecologist from his office counseling, and they found that the camera had scratched my cervix and that was where the blood came from. They were two male doctors and a nurse, and they were very careful and gentle towards me and told me everything they wanted to do. The nurse even held my hand while the doctors looked into my vagina with a light. My doctor told me that they usually give a patient an anaesthetic and slowly open the cervix with special tools before they do such an examination, but that I was not seriously injured and would heal alone. I was not allowed to have sex or use a tampon for 4 weeks until the scratch was healed.

The next day I called the office of the first gynaecologist and spoke to the office manager.She told me that the doctor had been in a hurry to give birth and apologized for her “sharp manner,” as she put it. I warned them that if I was hurt beyond that scratch, I would complain. She obviously didn’t care and I almost decided to file a lawsuit, but I went through a lot at the time and dropped it in the end. However, I gave this doctor (honest) bad reviews on every medical site where I found her name, as well as great reviews for my doctor and the gynecologist who helped him examine me. This also became my gynecologist until I recently moved to the other side of the state.

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