What will Trump’s legacy be?

As it now looks like: a strong growing budget deficit, a stronger Russia, an economic bubble and a deterioration in relations with the rest of the free world.

The United States of America is 25 years behind Belgium.

That is a very strange sensation.

The ratio is totally gone, and not in the sense that is well known in Europe.

At the bottom I’m going to have even about me own silly and Facebook, enjoy it:-)-

But let’s start at the beginning and get some facts.

A little longer than 25 years ago, the Belgians went to the ballot box.

Politics in Belgium works as follows:

  • Polls are conducted for the elections and marketing people are hired.

Based on this, certain key words and phrases are launched. Marketing is the key word here, what does the voter want to hear, with which can I be elected?

  • On the day of the elections, the voter shakes the cards.
  • At the moment the result is known, it is up to the approximately 10 people in the country who were elected by no one to divide the power on the basis of seats.
  • (Read also RvC, Rik Van Cauwelaert, nowadays the reference in every political program on TV and in the newspaper).

    Rik approaches the 70 and has followed decades of elections, which allows him to identify the trends and changes in the landscape.

    More than 25 years ago there was suddenly black Sunday.

    Altogether from scratch, the prevailing political class was surprised by the then Flemish bloc, now Flemish importance.

    A textbook example as we also saw in the election of Donald Trump, on CNN and MSNBC, gave him 2% chance to be elected.

    If you look at this purely rational, a transmitter that makes such prediction would lose all credit and disappear.

    Who wants to look at a zneder who absolutely does not know what is living in the population?

    A transmitter that allows polls to carry out several experts for weeks, all of which come to the same conclusion?

    In Belgium just like that.

    Every election since Black Sunday, one can fix the same scenario.

    From an earlier reply from the undersigned (answer from Kyle Cooper on who would you think is the best chance to win the American political elections of 2020?Why?).

    It perfectly summarizes politics in Belgium for almost thirty years.

    The honor goes to the RvC and the (aka Caiman), both of which have a long service and accompanying Palmares.

    Here comes-ie:

    “The poll that made the standard and the VRT a month before the elections with a lot of Baker, must be the worst ever held, certainly the worst one ever printed.And that’s what to say. There was no miles besides, but light years. The unacceptably wide margin of error of 3 percentage points was also exceeded by half of the parties.

    Strong sample of quality journalism for four weeks to grafting your news.And to be silent afterwards in all languages, as if you had not sold the readers Quatsch all the time. It has been a constant since 1991 in all elections and in all referendums, both at home and abroad: it appears that the self-proclaimed quality press has no idea of what lives in the people they notice, and always Totally surprised by a reality of which she had not even suspected the day before.There she mourns a fifteen minutes, her own bosom and mirror are fished out of a dusty drawer to look into, and even before the day is half past, she is as old on walking with her ivory tower Betweterij. “

    This salient summary is not hard to remember.

    Whoever reads the “Palace of the Nation” and “Caiman” in the Flemish newspaper “The Time”, which can enjoy every time the facts knowledge and the razor sharp pen of both lords.

    And they have a lot to lose, namely their reputation for decades as a journalist.

    They have made mighty enemies by naming man and horse.

    The kind of enemies that never forgets and never forgives.

    But Caiman sits behind a payment wall and RvC has a weekly column.

    That is precious little to the rest of the self-proclaimed quality press who is steed again surprised by the reality.

    Does this insist?

    I don’t think so.

    I’m sure not.

    The voter has spoken, democracy at work, these are the terms one uses when the outcome of an election is in line with what one wants.

    Black Sunday, the stupid voter, racists, xenophobes, women’s haters and intolerant if the same voter did not vote as it should.

    The contradiction see, is given few.

    In Belgium, racism was made short.

    The journalists heir decided in 2013 (if I back it so here Google) that the word “Allochtoon” was stigmatising and would no longer be used.

    Other words such as populism and populist were used to describe everyone who did not shared the “vision”.

    The negative connotation of populist and populism is nicely taken, right?

    If there is 1 thing I would be happy with, is that there is 1 person who ever reads something from me, which begins to notice words in any media, which are consciously used to connect someone or an organization with a positive or negative frame.

    Observing word use is essential in communication.

    Black Sunday is in that sense ideal framing.


    That can never be good.

    Allochtone versus Autochtoon.

    Populists versus democracy and Democrats.

    Isn’t it strange that 1 word is being captivated and at the same time other very powerful words continue to be used?

    Can anyone here ever honestly answer?

    Honestly, I don’t think so.

    Suppose you’ve always read “the standard” because your opinion is the same.

    That is to say, if the standard, or CNN so you want, does a prediction, you are totally in their mind.

    If it now turns out that prediction was totally nonsense.

    But DNA also total nonsense.

    No link to reality.

    Well, as a man, who can then face the harsh truth?

    You were along with the story, are you going to ever admit that?

    Every person seeks reasons, however far-fetched, to allow the reality that is suddenly threatened to rhyme.

    I only know the terms in English.

    But if you read dozens of years of books about marketing, sales, behavioral psychology and neuroscience, you’ll see the same things popping up in every domain.

    How does advertising work?

    How does marketing work?

    Isn’t politics actually just marketing?

    How can a man be tempted to buy something he doesn’t need?

    Are there human weaknesses that can be exploited by people who have studied them?

    Are we as a human being obliged to arm ourselves against the use of certain techniques and tricks that are used against us?

    Professor Cialdini’s book, published quite a long time ago, is one of the basic works on which all social media platforms were built.

    Once you realise how the social media works, really work, then you will see that the classic media have been doing the same for years.

    I still curse myself every day that I laughed hard when Facebook went to the fair.

    In The year 2000, the dotcom boom I saw so much fried air going to the fair.

    Up and then hard down.

    LOL, share Facebook pictures with family and friends, story stories and thingies.

    That went rock hard dot com in a deposit.

    Who gives his money?

    Facebook is a giant now with huge mountains cash money.

    Pure software started, they now do their own hardware, chip designers, electronics for artificial intelligence is now reality.

    Think about that, why do they do that?

    Back to my carefree naieveness.

    Facebook is not a platform to share photos, Facebook collects details about what you like.

    So detailed that marketing companies have a lot of money to offer to serve very targeted advertisements to their selected target audience.

    Their chance to convert a potential customer into a customer is enormously much bigger than a page in a newspaper.

    The newspaper is a cannon that is shot on a mosquito.

    Facebook is a scalpel, small but precise.

    Hence Facebook has not become the next hyped empty box share.

    Their earning model is solid.

    Marketing people knew it.

    I didn’t know, the newspapers I read deserve their bread with advertisements.

    No hair on their heads that thought to explain to their readers how effective Facebook’s conncurrence was in terms of ads.

    Alas, in the time of Twin Peaks, “The owls are not what they seem” was new.

    Trump is seen as the bearable devil, certainly in Europe.

    That makes everyone blind.

    I don’t need to be a fan of him or like him to be able to see that his journey is at least remarkable.

    Old bags like me, know that independent candidates (like the recently deceased Ross Perot) were unsuccessful.

    Trump chose the Republicans as a vehicle.

    And do not underestimate the great clans within the GOP, for example the Bush dynasty.

    To defeat it as outsider, that’s almost impossible.

    And then Hillary who has been in politics for so long and is so well known.

    The aversion of the person Trump makes it impossible for 99.99% of the people to make such observations yet.

    Besides, whoever believes that the person who is about the most powerful person in the world and the boss of services who do not need permission to impose someone, is a Russian spy, has Alzheimer’s or is Retegek, who will also not wonder what the difference is between what he/she has ever accomplished (or knows) and Trump.

    Any president is opposed to individuals with enormous resources (money, weapons, services) in their own party, in the other party, in the country and in the world.

    Every weakness, every secret will be fully exploited to create “leverage”.

    It’s not because Obama seems like a cool peer, that he is too.

    Also Obama had to do drone attacks that cost innocent life.

    Also Obama knew what his services that no control bodies have all performed.

    Obama also needed millions of Klojos for his campaign that needed something in return.

    Prisons, the Army, war, espionage, have you already thought deeply what that means?

    Just look at your local mayor and real estate developers.

    If they don’t get what they want, then suddenly something annoying pops up that makes someone else mayor.

    How difficult is that?

    Trump shows us the true countenance of the media.

    No more observation.

    The media fight for or against someone.

    And that’s why many of the facts are quite striking.

    It bothers me tremendously that the whole origins of the “Russia Collusion hoax” were a dossier ordered by the Clinton Foundation and knew that there were already certain pieces of unreliable.

    This time it’s against Trump, but it could just as well be reversed next time.

    For both sides must be accountable.

    That is what you forget.

    Even if you’re for Hillary, you have to critically dare to look at what her party did.

    Even if you are for Trump, you must remain critical, thankfully we have no shortage.

    So, as a second very important legacy, Trump shows us that people don’t think before they judge.

    Jung knew it already (though some say that the ruling is not his), thinking is difficult, therefore most people judge.

    Trump also shows us how people who have never achieved anything and therefore do nothing about doing business, politics and how such matters go in his work, still have their meninkje ready.

    They align themselves with all the information that could threaten their own opinion.

    Orwell’s book, 1984 is therefore very important, because both left and right are able to eliminate all competition and everything starts with censorship.

    The omission of important investigations that shed a very different light on the Trump affair.

    And that should frighten everyone.

    Fortunately, that is not the case, if you do not like someone, suffice it to “justify the purpose of the means” to elevate the standard.

    Think about that.

    If it is not too much to ask.

    Probably a wall where Mexicans still go over, through or under.

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