What will happen to the world when the oil wells run out?

Much sooner than that time, hydrogen will become the new fuel.That is a ‘ medium ‘ for energy, and not a source: it is nowhere to be found. But there are many ways to make it. Both clean and old ways of generating energy can be used. To quickly create a hydrogen market without too much depreciation costs of old power stations.

A multitude of ways of making hydrogen will provide a good competitive market.By the time the clean sources are cheaper than the fossil sources (is really coming), fossil will die naturally.Then the name ‘ fossil ‘ has two meanings: where it comes from and the status of that technique.

Until that time, ‘ clean ‘ will have to be supported by politics.As we do not like in the Middle Ages the contents of the Poo box just smite on the streets, so you can no longer just eat dirty CO2 on the streets, where Ménsen walk! Imagine, that used to be just. What a filthy cavemen were saying that. This is how we think soon. I actually do now.

Obvious: Then we have a big energy problem.Because despite the gelier with electric drive, energy that really needs to be generated somewhere (yet again petroleum?), there Is a much bigger problem. Or rather problems.


Petroleum contains the following categories of hydrocarbons: alkanes (paraffins), cyclanic cyclenic (naphoons), aromatics and bitumen.Due to the processing in the petrochemical industry , these are separated into fractions or products such as the lighter gasoline and lubricating oil and the heavier diesel and fuel oil.In addition to fuels, raw materials are produced for all kinds of plastics .Also the fine chemistryuses petroleum as raw material, among other things for medicines.Almost every organic substanceused in daily life is extracted or synthesized from an organic compound that is implicated in petroleum.

I pick one out: the production of medicines.

No petroleum means great misery.And the moment comes that we have no petroleum anymore. The stock is finite


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