What will happen if the renminbi becomes the largest world reserve point?

Given the official Chinese currency, China will continue to manipulate it as it best falls in their own interest.Quite rightly, we should not look at it. I expect it to remain stable and make the link with the Chinese economy stronger.

In China, they are very good at what their world position is and how they can best protect their position.I don’t expect any crazy things to be honest.

Nothing more or less than that as tributary as we are now to the US, we would then be to the Chinese.I do not think that will mean an improvement for us. But world powers are always changing, and we must not forget that the Chinese economy has always been the largest in the world, even until the 17th century, and that only by colonialism from Western Europe there is a temporary end to Had come. In this sense, the 19th and 20th centuries were actually an anomaly and we now go back to China as the largest economic power.

The difference, however, is that the global economy is now so well-established that we will actually feel the enormous impact.Economic power makes room for military power and together they make up who plays the boss in the world.

When the UK was a world power, the world used British pounds.

Then the US took over that world power role.And the world paid in US Dollars.

Now China becomes a big world power, the development stick takes over from the US. SO the world is going to pay with renminbi.

So it always went.So now too.

If you are afraid: they are not the communist principles that make China so strong.Contrary. And that was the power of the rulers there.

They think they are more collectivistischer, where the West thinks more individualistic.That has been so for thousands of years. But the rulers cherish the chicken with golden eggs (the west), they don’t do anything. They sell chicken feed.

I do not expect much, that would mean that the currency is strong. But am still curious about the value

The Chinese are now Zl everywhere their influence in countries to purchasing.They do that quickly and discreetly.

What I would also like to mention is that when the right-minded people once again say that those who come to live here, learn the language, take over the customs and traditions of us.In Belgium, people are mainly talking about Muslims. However these humans integrate themselves freely goef.

But what they do not know, I never hear about complaining, is the gigantic Chinese community in Brussels.Most speak only Chinese and refuse to go on invitations to learn Dutch.

Contact us, they do not want (language), their children go to English-language schools.

Why is there not so much hate and wrong ideas against them?Very simple: They have no money shortage. Then even the government leaves legal obligations.

And also: they have no religion in which 1-2% of believers misbehave horribly,

Is it your trouwenw also noticed that since the economy in China Is progressing well, our governments in all languages are silent on human rights in China.Worse still: for the economy so suddenly rose, it was an appointment within the government to send a delegation anyway. Even King Philip goes along.

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