What will be the demise of Western civilization?

Isn’t it intoxicating?This feeling that the world will end if you believe in it hard enough? In order to leave with a big bang and make room for those who can and want to adapt, while you have finally been right?

Dear pessimists,

Western civilization will end.Hopefully very soon, because although she has produced many great things, we also owe her world wars, the near-nuclear apocalypse and, at the end of her career, Donald Trump. Western civilisation is built on what we can only call selfishness. The own well-being, the well-being of one’s own children, the satisfaction of one’s own desires. These are all core elements of Western civilisation. Everyone fights for themselves, and even when standing together, you keep to a maximum of those that are useful to you, or where the biological imperative di(c)kt. Even the greatest altruism is rooted in one’s own decision to want or have to be a good person.

However, as human beings we are more than that, because our sense of community also lives in us.A perspective so frightening that it must be kept away with the sharpest sarcasm and irony. It must be stopped before it prevents the endless redistribution from the common product to individual profit. No matter how much we waste and waste, no matter how much power is burned by selfish greed, if we make 99.998% fulfillment 99.9981%, it can cost what it wants. Life,health future, freedom or security, no matter. If we prevent the change from a thousand people from 30% to 80% by buying a new mobile phone, which we do not need again, which is built from crisis resources, in factories without protection and respect for employees. Then we rejoice at the fact that from our table the wealth is crumbling down. But it crumbles from foods that we don’t eat or that we make more expensive and complex out of pure abundance than they are. Where are the restaurants where a medium-sized millionaire eats a curry sausage with fries for 80 euros, of which 75 euros go to the tables? No, his wealth must drip, so that enough can evaporate on the way down again!

But fortunately, the fools continue to automate their world without realizing that they are moving away from the pyramid that carries them.While the pyramid eventually realizes that a stone in this pyramid on its shoulders bears the burden of thousands, and together. And that the way out there can only be achieved by the fact that what the stone provides must not only be carried upwards, but can also be carried to the side and down. And the more we automate, simplify and optimize, the less they need the upper stones, and the more they need them among themselves. Perhaps as a customer, perhaps as an employee, and perhaps just as a human being in an elite world that becomes hard and lonely when you have to fight for survival as a predator, while people are evolving around you. They realize that they do not have to fear the wolf because it is trapped in its old ways and thus becomes predictable and easy prey.

So what will perish Western civilization?Like many things and beings, it is eliminated in a process of evolution by those who develop out of it. Not by revolutionaries who only want to turn the wheel until they are up, but through those who give the wheel an axis and connect it with a second wheel to pull the cart out of the dirt.

So, dear pessimists, give up, plan your revolutions or reactionary purges, it doesn’t matter.You will be subject to those who adapt to the future by learning from the past and the present.

Yours sincerely,

An Optimist

P.S. Someone once said that it would be a sign of madness to try the same thing over and over again and hope for different results.We now have several world wars, economic crises, booms and revolutions behind us. Shouldn’t we learn slowly from this?

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