What will be generally out of the question in 25 years’ time?

This is indeed an exciting question, especially since we currently have two radically opposite developments throughout the Western industrialized nations:

  • On the one hand, a progressive direction that promotes the end of the “old while men” and sees climate change as humanity’s greatest challenge.
  • On the other hand, a nationalist direction that wants to go back to some “glorious past” and that wants to turn back all these progressive developments.

Both have a certain tendency towards unscientific justifications.For progressives, it is an esoteric, especially in health care, and among nationalists it is a belief in “global conspiracies.” Overall, however, progressives have the scientific justifications *substantially* on their side. It must also be borne in mind that the average of the “old” is then the one that is 55-60 today; so already the children of the 68s!

Let us turn to the concrete behaviours for 2044:

  • I am very sure that there will be a widespread ban on energy production through the burning of fossil fuels.

Cars with internal combustion engines will certainly be *maximum* still available as “museum operation”; also rail vehicles. Electricity generation (if leftovers), ships (expiring) and aircraft (will have to be seen; as of 2019, there may be few alternatives) as exceptions.

  • In that would probably become too frequent consumption of meat, and in particular ‘cheap meat’, will no longer be accepted.
  • At some point in the late 2020s, large parts of the organic regulations for meat will become general laws 鈥?quite rightly with the intention* to make meat much more expensive. For this purpose, “retort meat” will probably establish itself on the market and replace something like Hack in particular.

  • Classical religion will probably become completely meaningless, at least in Europe.
  • From Christianity probably only Christmas (as a general family celebration in the darkest time of the year) and the free Sunday remain; Islam is an outlaw of alcohol and pork. Both, however, are just as well justified in the world 鈥?and in general, only laws that can be clearly justified by “protecting others or the environment” will remain.

  • Then the handling of “packaging” will certainly be completely different 鈥?a lot of it will be “re-use”, while the rest will rely on minimal material use.
  • Otherwise, “sustainable consumption” will probably be demanded much more.

  • Socially, no one is guaranteed to be accused of minor misconduct many years ago; simply because you can find them through social networks at *everyone* within seconds.
  • In fact, I can well imagine that this will, to some extent, reverse and that a ‘too clean’ balance sheet will be regarded as objectionable.

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