What were your first impressions of the first Apple computers? Why were they much better than Windows?

In 1992 I worked for the first time on a Mac Classic during my study informatics.

Those were those classic square Macs with a black and white screen and a Motorola 68000 CPU.

They were hopelessly slow.

The Amiga I had at home turned circles around it, with the same CPU.In addition, the screen was small and you got from the white background of the small CRT screen over time itself headaches.

The OS was super easy to use and Windows couldn’t match at that time.

The second meeting came in 1996 when we had a Mac with a larger color screen at our startup.That came to me on my desk because I did the design of the website.

Also there it was not a positive experience.

This computer was regularly stuck. The explanations usually consisted of a symbol with a small bomb.

Windows 95 was also just out, and that was a lot more modern.

So the Mac quickly disappeared to a (dusty) corner in the office.

In 1999, the iMac came out, with one of the latest versions of the Classic Mac OS on it, which I bought because I could easily handle video footage.And that went-admittedly-very easy.

The included mouse was, however, a fine example of prioritising design over function.Terrible thing.

The computer I used at the time was a Dell laptop with Windows on it.

However, shortly thereafter, Mac OS X came Out (2001) which was built on a Unix underlay.

Ideal for Software (/web) development.

Where Windows has continued (and still is) building on existing architecture, Apple threw all the old overboard and came up with a whole new OS.

That proved to be worthwhile.It was fast and looked nice and tidy.

In 2006 I was Windows sat and I switched to a Mac and never went back to Windows (although I also have Windows machines to test software on).

When the first Apple Macintosh came on the market in 1984, there was no Windows at all, let alone a consumer-serviceable version.The first impressions were therefore that it was a revolutionary machine: the future of the computer for personal and business office use. When Microsoft came up with the first versions of a mouse-controlled system a few years later (Windows), it was just about that this image was beating. Incidentally, it took up to approx. 1990 (Introduction Windows 3) before Microsoft could come a little with Apple.

Incidentally, Apple has been making desktop computers for a number of years before they developed the first Mac.These computers were in the late years 芒 鈧?虄 70 min or more芒 鈧?”still for MS-DOS popular werd芒 鈧? as the business and education standard considered. They were interesting machines, but I don’t think you can consider them revolutionary.

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