What weird habits does Donald Trump have?

Conversely, a shoe is made out: what strange habits does it not have?

First of all, he is morbidly suspicious, which is characterized in particular by his irrational need for personal loyalty.

This trait is particularly evident in the dismissal of FBI Director James B. Comey, from whom Trump repeatedly demanded special personal loyalty in their first encounter.When Comey was unwilling to explicitly pledge that loyalty, he was fired by Trump:

James B. Comey .

He tries to fill as many positions as possible with personal confidants, so that he can, if necessary,influence in its sense on these individuals.

According to the “lies statistics” that are kept about him, he lied 7546 times in the first half of his term of office from 20.01.2017 to 20.01.2019, which corresponds to about ten lies per day.According to the Washington Post, the top day was November 5, 2018, with 139 proven lies.

Trump seems convinced that no one actually notices when he puts out the most absurd things, such as saying that wind turbines cause cancer.

Worse than these semi-innocuous things, however, is that, as I have said in other answers, it has damaged relations with allies, within NATO and also with many other states, to such an extent that it may take decades, repair them.This repair may be impossible in the long run because other structures of intergovernmental relations have been formed which no longer correspond to the previous ones.

The most recent example of Trump’s actions is the “hand grenade” (SPON), with which he has “killed” the upcoming final negotiations with China on normalizing trade relations.China intended to come to Washington, D.C., with a large, 100-member, high-level delegation to conclude these negotiations.

But then, within his usual “Sunday Twitter tirade” (“SPON,”) Trump dismissed the following:

Negotiations were “too slow,” Trump complained at once – an abrupt U-turn amid a Sunday Twitter tirade about the Mexico border, the economy, the Russia affair and the Kentucky derby.

He will therefore increase the punitive tariffs on China imports from 10 to 25 percent from Friday – with the option of sanctioning most of the remaining goods “in the near future.” (“SPON”)

This was promptly followed by the following response from China:

The answer came later that night: Beijing was “surprised” and was considering letting the round in Washingtonburst, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people who had been told: “China is not negotiating with the gun on its chest.”

“China has long been prepared for the worst,” Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of China’s state-run Global Times newspaper, said in a tweet.

“We don’t fall for this trick.” And, as a side-stroke at Trump’s disastrous Hanoisummit: “He couldn’t even scare North Korea.” (“SPON”)

Trump is the most dangerous president the US has ever had because he is completely incompetent, usually emotional, and inaccessible to factual arguments.I can only hope that Trump’s first and last term ends on January 20, 2021, and remains nothing more than a slightly darker chapter in US history.

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