What was your worst punishment from your parents?

When I read you like that.Then the first thing That comes to mind is the word from my daddy, nicknamed ” Leo ” ,

” If you only had a spark to know what was going on elsewhere, you wouldn’t tear the edge open like that.”

Why I was immune to the 68-year-old student revolt.

We’ve all read the digest.

” Shopping with Erika.”

In 1959 – when I was eight – I was the only child of my age group, probably even from all over Germany, who was able to extract the anti-authoritarian theory ( AAT ) from the digest.

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Afterwards, however, I was completely immune to the demands of the “68_er student movement; for rather quickly I had pointed out that this was the rebellion of the petty-bourgeois sons who, precisely because they had not understood the AAT, let themselves be blackmailed, for example, by their own father to learn Latin.

Petty bourgeoisie who had MATERIAL less than me as a child and, above all, fewer PEOPLE than me.

I say yes; ” If only you had a spark … “

What was absolutely violent about Leo; it is only at my present age that I have an overview.

He absolutely set his authority and tolerated nothing and no one over himself.This was particularly true of formal logic. If you could prove to him that he was wrong on a particular thing, he became a howler monkey.

His kind of violence was mainly psychological violence.For example, if he said he had to insult me again, the same topic was the same. but after calming down again, he mostly forgot what the dispute had actually been about.

Moral categories were simply alien to him; one of his most common sayings was, for example, recited in a singsong that is soning psalm-odling, which can unfortunately only be re-enamoured with the means of the Feuerzangenbowle.

” All my enemies end up in the madhouse.

And other haaaben normaaaale people who know from Gebuuuurt what they have to do and what to leave.

Only I am surrounded here by loud full idiots.

When I get to where I have been on my own.

Then you are good.”

Note: Leo talks like a papist; only seems to him the term ” eternal hellfire 2 replaced by the concept of the madhouse …

If Leo were famous and Bertolt Brecht would have known him.

He would not have written the parable of the ” good man “, but that of the normal man …

But what I find really nasty and only found out in the last few years.

Leo had a very greasy incestuous relationship with his sister Wilma; but.They really loved each other. She was also pretty much the only woman he spoke of with respect.

but he took advantage of it.She often needed money to make purchases – and he would have become net poorer from it …

Quite apart from the fact that he gave her cold.

I say it because Leo made it my mum that he loved Wilma and not his wife.for my Mammi he had only the three Auis dr眉cke left

” crap; Slut; Drecksau “

Mammi told me a quote from her friends.It is true; because later, when I was able to get to know these ladies in the ===> VdK, it was confirmed to me by post

” Egg when MISCH treat my husband like de Leo.

Isch would have long since crushed the Praatfann uffm Kopp … “

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