What was your worst experience with a pediatrician?

Our child was an extreme early.She was born at the end of the 27th week of pregnancy. Usually a pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, with us it was 26 weeks and 5 days. The baby weighed just 465 grams at a size of 29 cm. The doctor who performed the caesarean section later said it was so small that it had space in his hand. The doctors said I had placenta insufficiency, the child had a so-called growth retardation, it would be far too small and too light for this week of pregnancy, it should have had about twice the weight. Now the child was there, there was no talk about survival, it was only mentioned once, from 500 grams the chances of survival are good. A slap in the stomach pit, if the child then weighs less. This was followed by almost 4 months of hospitalization with many ups and downs. One day it will be called, look for a pediatrician, in 2 – 3 weeks your child will be discharged.

So I looked for and found a doctor with whom I had confidence and signed up there. This doctor is not only with us in the village, he was even practically around the corner, a walk of a maximum of 5 minutes.

Finally, after almost 4 months, the child was discharged with a weight of 2990 g and we were glad to have finally left the hospital behind us.

This was followed by a few check-ups in the hospital, the doctor there, who is responsible for the aftercare of premature babies (the area of premature babies is called neonatology, or neo for short.The doctors responsible for this are called neonatologists), was the purest disaster, extremely hostile to me, in their eyes I did practically everything wrong.

She advised me to look for another doctor, which I refused.Further checks followed at our doctor and in the clinic, we had to go to the doctor twice a week to weigh the child. The doctors from the clinic put pressure on us to look for a “real” pediatrician, our current doctor would be “not good enough”, he would be “only” a general practitioner. It’s a family practice and the doctor told me that he used to even look after home births and just doesn’t have that supplement to pediatricians and adolescents, because it didn’t need it when he started.

So we looked for a “real” pediatrician and found one in the neighboring village.He treated us normally until our child didn’t increase as expected. About a month after being discharged from the hospital, the weight had climbed from 2990 g to 3750 g, but the doctor was not enough. We were supposed to weigh in to the hospital – mind you, the appointment with the pediatrician was at 10:00 in the morning and we should have gone to the hospital between 14:00 and 16:00 to weigh. Because we refused, because we thought it was pointless, what should change in the weight of the child within 4 to 6 hours, he told us that he would then have to inform the youth ministry. What this means became clear to me only later, when they called and said that we now had to go to the hospital SOFORT. When I said, this is not possible, I have food on the stove, the child is asleep and my husband is on my car, it said, “then we will come and pick you up and take you to the hospital – and if you don’t come with us, we’ll send the police!”.

So I drove along, stayed there with the child for a week before we were taken to another hospital with suspected intestinal obstruction (to the hospital where it was born, with the “nice” doctor).There we were held for 3 weeks for nothing, in the time I had another appointment with my “girlfriend”, this “nice” doctor, and the last thing she said before I left the treatment room was that they would be superior to our child in a foster family To give. All I could do was howl and was hugged in the elevator by a wild woman without asking who I am or what happened. Then there was a “round table” with two people from the youth ministry, the “nice” doctor, two doctors of the ward where we were housed, the lady of the neo-aftercare (the one who had put pressure on us to look for a “real pediatrician”) who was Hospital psychologist, and us, the parents, a total of 9 people. Eventually it was decided that the child would stay with us, but we should still be taken to another hospital, supposedly for probe cessation (the child had a gastric tube because it drank too little), but it turned out that there was a clinic for disabled children and Young people are predominantly mentally handicapped children. I was treated like a teenager with an IQ of 70, I was accused at the back of the way of being unable to care for my child (funny only that it had increased over a kg within just under 2 months of discharge), and it was such a mixture between prison and psychiatry Industry. I escaped the whole thing only by a trick that my husband had devised together with our old/new “children” doctor and because this doctor stood firmly behind us and took the medical responsibility for our child.

I was very bad, I still had nightmares months after this story that someone would come and take my child away from me.

Meanwhile, the child is 4, largely healthy (developmentally delayed, too small and too light for old age, but otherwise fit).

The tiny baby with 465 g and 29 cm has become a red-cheeked 4-year-old toddler, 465 g have become almost 12 kg, from 29 cm 94 cm have become 94 cm.

With the data it is among the lowest percentile, but it is healthy, cheerful and fit.

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