What was your ‘that didn’t happen’ moment on your work?

Yes, there is a funny story – from today’s point of view.I’ll call you “Sponge over it!”

The story is a few years ago – it was AFAIR 2012 – but when that happened to me I thought: “Thatdidn’t happen right now!?”

Back in June 2012 – my colleagues have moved into a new wing of the building.There were dedicated toilet rooms for this wing of the building.

It was Friday evening, I was still working overtime in the new wing, my colleagues already in the weekend and also I was already on the jump in the same…

So, again, for small coding.

When I stood there and – well you know – my gaze wandered over the neighboring pissoir… Hmmm a Pissoir was in operation, another was not.

So I thought to myself,“Oh, I’ll have a look at what’s probably the reason.Is a great engineer and, as you know, there is nothing to swear about”.

Would be great if both work on Monday and you can then say proudly – Yes with Pissoirs I know now also…

Cool, you don’t even need tools!So quickly push the aperture down to the rinsing mechanism…

Oh, that’s easy!:-) Here, where it works, the red plug stands up and over 90 degrees twisted… Hmmm…

Said – Turned-… … Showered!I was standing in the freezing cold jet of water!

The plug was no longer too much water pressure to get in.No shut-off valve. No chance! Sch…!!

Call for help – but no one heard me – well, was alone on the wing.:-(

After a few minutes I finally gave up trying to get the plug back in and let the water run.I ran into the neighboring wing to get colleagues – who hopefully are still there (we remember – FRIDAY LATERNACHMITTAG) – to help…

Thank God there were still some!So quickly return with those to the newly and hand-createdWater Fun Paradise“.

The water is already running out of the toilet into the office space… The carpet turned from light blue to dark… Oh My God!

No one knew where the shut-off valve was.So we tried to call the caretaker… My (hero) colleague actually succeeded!

but…… Friday evening, Munich, professional traffic – It took him a long time… And you know what it’s like – if you’re waiting for something, it’ll take even more than a year :-/

But the water didn’t care.It continued to spray out of the opening in the wall.

In the meantime, I tried to push the stopper into the pipe as much as possible to reduce the flow of water as much as possible until the caretaker arrived.The water was icy cold, the thumb was already pressing clean and the temperature was deaf…

I cannot say whether this measure really made sense.But despair sometimes pushes you to some pointless deeds.

After about 30 minutes then finally the caretaker came and now hold on: He didn’t even turn off the water, but just told me amazingly relaxed:

“Give me the plug” – WTF!?He had a 20s Spax screw with him and a screwdriver… – “Zack” So the pipe was closed in seconds!

Well then follows a laaaanger evening: The drying service came and immediately set up dehumidifiers, my colleagues and I wiped the floor dry as best I could with scrubbing cloths…

I had a huge “Dusel” 😉 Despite the amount of water that leaked, the help of my colleagues, who always wiped up the water and removed it with buckets, meant that the damage was limited to such an extent that nothing penetrated the lower floor.The carpet was wet, but even that was very limited!

Long speech, short sense – so gg. 11:00 everything was settled so far that we were all exhausted finally able to get into the evening.

I then sat down at home and wrote to my boss and the team assistant a short report of the Malheur… … and waited for things to come on Monday.

Monday – The reaction was great: My boss and team assistant just grinned when I entered the office in the morning.

“Well everything in the river”?, or “Oh Peter – sponge over it”… “Oh Schwapps owe!”

Yes, I was allowed to listen to such sayings for a few more weeks.

And even today, when I meet colleagues, we laugh at this experience.

My colleagues deserve a lot of respect and thanks for their greatsupport!

An external colleague, who at that time always drove his motorhome to work, lent me dry laundry that evening!That was impressive!

Finally, a small “pool party” in the company gave thanks.

And what do we learn from it?Good software developers are far from being installers. Or if you think, then sometimes you think wrong – as in the example of the function of the supposed red “shut-off tap”, which turned out to be a simple blind plug, which you better not turn, as long as there is pressure on the line 😉

What kind of “that didn’t happen moment”?

But “sponge over” 😉

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