What was your first luxury purchase? Was it worth it?

In 1998 the purchase of a historic English roadster.But since my bank offered extra-cheap loans to buy a “vintage car,” I didn’t have to plunder my account. And my employer was reference enough (in Switzerland, there is only one paper for a PW, not letter and note separated as in Germany – so you couldn’t deposit the car letter and at least needed a good reputation, but as a doctor of the cantonal hospital I was State employee (yes, that’s hotr there and not cantonal employee) thus creditworthy. The bank knew my net monthly salary anyway and also in the second poorest canton of Switzerland – in one winter he didn’t even have money for salt until neighboring cantines (yes, that’s Schwiizerdütsch for cantons) gave us a spread rate – they earned as a Doctor not bad.It was just bad, even all prices were only available in CHF, so not cheap, until you found out which own brand were actually the much more expensive original, instead of Ovomaltine

migros “Eimalzin”

Or the rather expensive “Cardinal beer”

as a self-brand of the Coop Freiburg in Üechtland for no 40 centimes per bottle (no beer for most Germans, it was rather French brewed with little hops, but I liked it, I am very francophile for at least two generations).

Be that as it may, the most expensive was the then 18-year-old sports car from Coventry/GB.

And I did not go to Switzerland for better pay and the purchase of a classic sports car, but because there is the second best training in orthopaedic and trauma surgery after the states, the working conditions were better, but not shorter (13 Hours a day, on Fridays, after the late report, which was moved from 16:00 to 14:00, notice: 2 hours a day for each hospital doctor consist of reports, but these are not unimportant, one discusses the surgeries of the day, the surgeries the next day, what who operates and the incoming emergencies of the day, in the morning after emergencies at night, as the patients operated on the day before, and again briefly about the planned surgeries of the previous day; moreover the last chance to report as incapable of surgery, because after handing over his surgeries one was allowed back home and into bed, because “el jefe” wanted only 100% fit doctors, even 99% were already too little for him, since one should rather report sick, because he knows it also , his medical staff usually lacks only sufficient sleep, but unfortunately he could not change that by the medical key prescribed by the state of Fribourg – for example, I came to my first hip TP as a surgeon).Aver’s most important was an employment contract that existed at least until the specialist doctor and not, as in Germany, fixed-term employment contracts of 0.5 or 1 year, and also many more surgeries per assistant doctor per day than here! Each of us operated per DIEM at least twice.

I can’t take our apartment, I had found it when my wife had already given up to find something suitable for us in a big city in the southwest German strata country N° 150.But this apartment for DM 340000 paid it off, not me.

So it remains on the 18-year-old British used car, albeit from 1.Hand and with only 15 000 km on the speedometer …

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