What was your first kiss like?

First kiss at 27?First RIGHT kiss, cuddles don’t count. Well, curious?

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Maybe a bit ambiious for a first kiss story!But mine is something very special. And complicated.

in any case!

I have already skipped this topic here on Quora a few times before, there is not much new to say about it.It is definitely one of the most unreal experiences of my life. The kiss, at least what “first kiss girl” understood by it, really came out of nowhere, I had almost been amazed to death – and I thought for a moment that I couldn’t bear it. It had been the inevitable of the whole situation, the unreal, I hadn’t even been asked – and now my whole life began to fall apart without me being able to do anything about it.

All this happened on a self-organized tour of northern Mexico, which I had tackled alone.In a tiny kaff with 5000 inhabitants, on one of the most inhospitable coastlines in North America, in the middle of the desert. I didn’t even want to go there, my destination had been Baja California, but couldn’t get the rental car on the car ferry. Bahia de Kino had been an emergency solution, one should be able to find the same plants there as on Baja. But where? The coast of Sonora is more than 600 km long, unknown to man and abandoned by God to this day!

There was Luis, the manager or owner of the bungalow complex, the only accommodation in the village, with an attached boat harbour and radio station.A friendly guy, a man of soft tones, a family man – wife and two sons of primary school age. Maybe in your early 30th year of university graduation with a flair for desert plants. He spoke good English. An absolute stroke of luck for me. I understood Spanish to some extent but couldn’t speak it. He knew what I was looking for and had told me the location of three of the “Cirios” in the place and could tell me much more interesting facts about the region, the other desert plants and everything else. And he had also helped me to another acquaintance, when I asked for a boat trip out to the islands.

Just ask the Irishman if he comes back.He has lived here for 6 months. Wants to marry one of these, the crazy guy! But he’s okay. He is the only one who can get you out here “

He then waited in the evening on my return from the desert on the veranda, the inevitable beer bottle in his hand.He was a few years older than me, had started graying a little early. He had greeted me enthusiastically: “Two Europeans in Bahia de Kino!This is celebrated. Here, take. The beer here is very good. Dos Equis Camp!” This Gerry and I, we had immediately found each other, like real soulmates.We should develop a deep friendship with each other in the few days. Both of us were experienced long-term travellers, always travelling solo, he as the son of an Irish fisherman in his seaworthy boat on the water, me in the car through the North American deserts. Gerry was roughly in keeping with every clich茅 circulating about sailors and Irish, and had successfully emigrated to the United States during the Reagan years to raise his sport fishing business. Here, too, he offered such tours. With him, of course, I could speak English, he was not only very experienced in many matters, but also very well-read and full of stories, of which one never knew which half had now been lied to and which half he had invented! He and Luis were best friends, presumably the two talked mostly about the local ladies world: “TheLuis, he is a heavy killer.Is married and has a firm girlfriend! Casa chica is called this here. Well, it comes to the women. But if everyone here should do that, then it is no wonder that none is left for ours!”

Look at one!This would hardly have been trusted with the quiet, reserved Luis with his soft voice, his marriage and family life seemed so intact, he brought the boys to school every morning and seemed to read every wish from his eyes! But I couldn’t care less, I couldn’t do enough Spanish to make one, I wasn’t here anyway. Gerry also did not speak Spanish despite the six-month stop at the site. That would be difficult for him! But he had a lot ahead of me, he didn’t know what shyness was – and looked better than me. With Gerry I had spent hours discussing the possibilities of emigrating, we had exchanged about our dreams and defeats, anecdotes and strange events, on the porch and on the boat, of course.

And then, of course, there was the third in the bunch, the beautiful Claudia.Known all over the place as a “serial heartbreaker”, a real adventurer!And a single mother in provincial Chihuahua at a time when single mothers could only choose from two bad options: raise the child under the strict supervision of the mother and take up a position as a Cinderella – or you flew out of the Family association! The proud Claudia had been taken to the coast with her little girl, far from Chihuahua. At that time, such women could find work almost only as “Cantinera”, i.e. service in a kind of bar or dance hall – and would marry “such one” here no one.

She must have learned from me, either Luis had chatted about his new guest – “a young guy, tall, slim and light skin color, with big green eyes – and alone on the way, a Swiss!” with her – or she had seen me in the place when I was with me Gerry was fetching beer a few times.The whole place met in the evening in the street where the point of sale was. She had known, or at least had hard to hope, that she would meet me in that van, she had looked right into my corner when she had boarded. And caught me with a beaming smile.

For Claudia, the case had been clear from the beginning: she would grab the lonely boy with the green eyes!“Then the misery finally came to an end; she and her daughter would have a better life… What shy?There are no shy gringos, and if – there are ways and means – he would fall in love with her without any help” She only needed an appointment with him, he would not be able to resist her.

And she should get this opportunity!I hadn’t even been asked, probably even thought i was doing myself a favour, but I had only felt panicked when Gerry asked me about the plans for Friday night.

I owe a great deal to this woman – with whom I have just exchanged a single word.Not only had I lost my shyness in her arms, I knew who and what I was. I knew now about my desires, my passions, my pronounced taste for all that was beautiful, the hot bloom in me that demanded his right – and I knew about my certain recklessness and bounce. I knew now that I was desirable, who is coveted by such a one, who could get any… ! How could I never have even guessed it?!?

All this I put into this my first kiss, all the loneliness, the missed opportunities, the frustrations and disappointments as well.And she hadn’t owed me a tiny bit of it – because in the deepest inside – we were the same, so much had become clear when we had kissed each other in ecstasy.

This had been the biggest shock.Another soulmate! But that’s why you don’t have to get married right away – that kiss, it was also our last – and somehow, for some reason, it also stayed with the kiss. But it should serve as an initial ignition for much more far-reaching, in itself completely unthinkable events. What triggered this experience with her, one can only speculate about, I might have made it a bit too easy for myself at that time, in the sense of “She will definitely get a new one!”

Here is a somewhat detailed report on that incident.

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