What was the worst thing you did at your school with the ‘strange kid’?

There was nothing I did with anyone.

It was always the case that I was the strange kid.But that was always because I didn’t necessarily behave like everyone else.

I think the question is also more or less aimed at something that shouldn’t exist anymore and bullying.So we should not support this alone by answering this question. After all, I don’t want to drive anyone to get away with it in any way wrong with another person.

I wasn’t put in trash cans like some other children, or locked somewhere.Even if you often see something like this in the media, I actually think that these are rather rare cases. Or more or less simply often invented by the media in the same way. Simply to enhance a movie or a story in general. Because often the reality is relatively boring, in contrast to the imagination of some people.

But I think one of the worst things you can do to a person at school is to marginalize them.For me it only happened in part, so I often decided not to participate in everyday things. And that was mainly about just getting in touch with other people.

Which also led to a bad story.Which I will tell again very briefly here, because as I said I was the “strange” child. And of course I want to explain why I was.

So it was so that I went to the disco when other children went to the disco (yes, in our district there was something like a youth club, there you could go on Fridays, for example) then I mostly sat at home and took pictures or later also made videos.But most in my class didn’t know that. So no one really knew. Nobody knew anything about me at all, I’ve always tried all my life to keep everything about me secret, which was only at stake when it came to school.

Among other things, I sometimes loaded a photo on Facebook which was also online for quite a while.But at some point I changed the picture and didn’t think about it any more. Except for a very special morning.

When already got off the bus all the girls with whom I actually stood together in the morning in front of the school and talked about an ominous girl, which supposedly comes from Cologne.The girl was supposedly totally naked on the internet and because I didn’t know what the talk was, of course, I agreed first, because after all it is not necessarily usual to show herself somewhere naked at the age (14 years old).

We had to go up a little bit until we were at the top of the school and actually the others felt quite funny all the time, but I didn’t really think anything about it.That was actually because of that in this “clique” where I was actually pretty much everyone blasphemed about everyone. So it wasn’t really anything extraordinary when someone was torn up there.

But at some point we were upstairs and one of the girls said, “Don’t we even want to tell her slowly?” – I was quite surprised because I didn’t know who they were talking about.Until they showed me my own photo. Then I knew I was the one they laughed at all the time and they mocked. But the photo was very old and someone had found it when he browsed my profile. They even wanted to share it, but it wasn’t possible because none of them were friends with me.

The photo was a photo you couldn’t even talk about that someone is naked.After all, I actually only wore a suit in the photo. A pair of shorts sewn together with a top. You’d call it a “jumpsuit” today.
At first they thought that someone else had uploaded this photo, possibly even without my consent.Because you had to know, I was absolutely not the type of kid you would have trusted to take such photos at all. So basically no one had ever thought about me taking photos. Because I never made up at school, I was also relatively inconspicuous about such things.

The problem with the whole story was these girls couldn’t hurt me.I was about as good as you could be in a class with high school students at the time. I might even have had some kind of special status with the teachers because I helped others who were a little weaker at learning and by the way they didn’t know anything about me. And that’s what made her terrorize me all day. They threatened me with blows if I didn’t take the photos out, they insulted me, they showed the photos to the teachers (who then also wondered about the photos, although there was actually nothing to be surprised about the photos). People just didn’t judge me that way and were probably dismayed by the new findings. That I don’t sit at home and read books all day, but rather was creative.

To shorten the whole thing a bit, I didn’t want to go to school anymore.Because when I got home we even got threatening messages that I wouldn’t be back from school if I didn’t take the photo out. Even my mother wrote it as she can only allow me to post such a photo of me online.

The fact was, I didn’t want to go to school anymore.And that was the last day I went to school. Then an odyssey began about where I can go to school now. After all, it was just before the end of the half-year and you couldn’t actually change schools.

But what you can actually say is if there hadn’t been this incident, then I probably would have a secondary school degree today.But the fact was that I wouldn’t get it if I left school. So I only had a ninth grade high school degree to choose from, which I then took.

Of course, I wasn’t particularly motivated at the other school either.Also because I was the “strange” child again. Somehow I was in general and I will probably be. Even though I grew up today and the incident was eight years ago.

But what I really want to say is that it’s better to just leave people alone.Such seemingly small things can actually have devastating consequences for people’s futures. And that’s why you really should think about whether you really need to raise someone because they might have braces, or maybe they’re wearing glasses. For the people who organised this at that time, there were no consequences whatsoever. But for me. And frankly, that was enough.

I know I probably can’t do anything with it now, but maybe at least the people who read this just think about what you’re doing before you do something or before you say anything, sometimes it’s really better to keep calm before you get yourself Misses.Between you can always blaspheme and do and do that every person sometimes does, sometimes letting himself out about someone else is completely normal. We can’t all like it. But don’t tackle people. That makes absolutely no sense. Except that this creates a heap of trouble.

So what does that tell us better what is the moral of the story?- Think first, then talk.

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