What was the strangest thing you’ve ever experienced on a train?

Actually, this phenomenon is known to apply only to Bielefeld, – to be seen among others in the documentary ” Wilsberg – Die Bielefeld-Conspiracy” – but more and more places seem to disappear from the maps and actually also from the landscape:

on October 1, 2011 I went with the ICE from Munich to Wolfsburg, where I was supposed to arrive at just before 6 p.m.At just after half past six I packed up my eBook reader, paid for the various, completely overpriced coffees I had drunk in the ONboard restaurant of the ICE, and then went to the nearest door at ten to six.

I looked a little out of the window, only to see the Wolfsburg train station flying past this window within about three seconds.It is hard to imagine the Radau, which was caused by the few passengers who wanted to leave the ICE in Wolfsburg.

I went back to the on-board restaurant, from where I called the train attendant.After a few minutes – also rather disenchanted and perplexed – he arrived at the restaurant and was completely surprised and apparently a little overwhelmed by the unscheduled non-stop – An unscheduled stop I already knew from the German railways – in Wolfsburg.

He had the passengers who wanted to have a coffee bring one at the expense of the German railways and then perhaps went to his lounge or directly to the train driver.

After about ten minutes he came back and explained that the train would arrive in Stendal at about 18:30, a few minutes later, and that the passengers of the DB, who actually wanted to get off in Wolfsburg, from there – and this was the bare mockery – at the expense of the DB with a bus to the Wolfsburg Central Station.

Since I didn’t want to argue with the DB for months because of the taxi costs for a trip from Stendal to Wolfsburg – about 150 euros – I accepted this offer and was finally at the hotel in KŠ×Ünigslutter at just before ten o’clock in the evening, where I followed in the following who wanted to attend a seminar during the week.

What annoyed me a lot about this matter was the fact that DB did not even apologize for this knock, let alone what I would have done as a company immediately, reimbursed the travel expenses completely and the passengers of the ICE, who were in Wolfsburg wanted to get out, with a few taxis from Stendal.

In the course of the years to now, as you can read, this error has not only occurred once again.It is completely inexplicable to me how such a mistake can occur repeatedly. If it was Bielefeld Central Station, I could still understand the error because of a lack of detectability, but Wolfsburg??????

In November last year, the “WeLT” once again dealt with the matter extensively and came to the following conclusions:

ICE-Misere: Seven reasons why trains pass Wolfsburg – WELT .

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