What was the Scest film you had seen in your childhood? And what was so scary about it?

It was not a horror movie, but just the Titanic from 1979.

I watched it with my mother and I found it terrible.

There is this film scene when the water enters the boat, and people are trapped in a room and of course they drown. I couldn’t even breathe more while watching this movie.

It did not cause such irrational fears as the video clip Thriller by Michael Jackson, but it has shocked me:

1-It happened to people

2-it could happen to me

3-What a horrible way of dying

My childhood is quite long ago but the film that left the most impression was Old Yeller.Griezel films never really made a special impression on me and still I find horror more humor than scary. But a film in which the protagonist, a dog, is shot?Neeeeeeeeeeeeee!…

Well, you should have seen the end…

The actor in this film was Spike and he happily had a long life.

I still hate movies in which the dog goes dead, provided the dog is a protagonist. The film Where the Red Fern Grows was still one of my childhood.The film Marley & Me I have never seen because I already know that the dog is dying in it.And Turner & Hooch is also such a rock film.

And it’s not that I find it scary.I just get extremely angry about it, as a dog lover…

Yes, I’d rather watch Freddy hunt down a bunch of teenagers in their dreams, or Jason reeling a couple in all… Or all those Aliens and Predator movies.And The Thing is another one in which dogs die, but they are not protagonists so that’s okay.

I know… I’m disturbed.:-) But you asked it.

The film Rose Red was the scurest film I have seen in my childhood.And still it’s a real must!

You need an endurance for it, because you’re pretty long for the tube.Ideal for a successful movie night I would say. Make sure you have enough snacks, because it’s so exciting that you’d rather not want to get up, unless you need to urinate very much

I looked at the summary for the interested:

Teacher/psychologist Joyce Reardon is obsessed with the impressive big house Rose Red.

Allegedly, unexplainable cases have occurred in the house, but since the house is closed it is quiet there.It collects, funded from own resources, a group of paranormal people to conduct an investigation into Rose Red. Her friend, Steve Rimbauer, is the last surviving heir to Rose Red. His grandmother Ellen Rimbauer has disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Each of the group has a specific paranormal trait.

The trailer is below:

As 11 years old, the Commodore 64 who had bought MN father soon came to my room… With a television that served as a display.

My father thought it was fine when I watched cartoons on Saturday morning, so an aerial cable ran from downstairs to my room.

There he had used a switch so I could not watch scary films in the evening.The aerial signal of the cable TV was interrupted.

My father, however, had also given me a soldering iron and did not know that this switch did nothing anymore because I had taken it under my hands.

So, as an 11 year old, I could secretly watch Alien .The first part, where the alien crawls from the belly of his victim during breakfast.

The alien then slaughtered the crew of the spaceship one by one.

No children’s film.

Cape Fear from 1991 with Robert de Niro as Max Cady the murderous and vengeful psychopath.The scene with the string is creepy.

Just as Roger was my scest movie Alien.

From childhood I was fascinated by entomology.And that really makes me think Alien was so scary. It was a mixture of all that was scary in the insect world. Parasitic (Facehugger), The complete metamorphosis (of something resembling a caterpillar to image) and despite the fact that there is some muscle mass on the skeleton, it looks more like a arthropod with an external skeleton. If you have even seen Aliens, there are analogies with the social membranes. It made it all very recognizable and plausible. It was also very fascinating for me.

To this day, it is plaguing me in many nightmare.

I have had to wait for the video game to play on Sega to effectively fight the beast through the game. From then on, the Alien had no upper hand in my nightmares.When I wake up wet in sweat, my wife invariably asks: “Again from Alain (for so I gave it a name and I humanified the Beast) dreamed?”.
I have seen them all and it remains my number 1 in SF-horror.

Scest series: IT of Stephen King, logically because clowns are the scest invention ever (together with marionettes).

Scathing movie: The Ring, I really shouldn’t have been watching: For weeks waking up from that girl who crawlated out of the TV.

The “Elephant Man”.

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