What was the riskmost thing you’ve ever done?

Even as a young child I wanted to explore everything, to know everything, to experience everything on my own skin…..

no closed door was safe in front of me, no tree too high.

On a cloudy winter’s day, I went home from school… Of course, as always not directly but taken a detour – always looking for a new discovery.I got a great idea: to go to the fish pond on the outskirts of the city and see if it is frozen.

Of course, the pond was covered with ice.But I wanted to know if the ice sheet is firm enough.

Yes and if I wanted to find out – I had to climb on it – how else?

So I took the first few steps – the ice held up well.

Running further and further and the ice sheet was always nicely firm.

I think to myself: well, but whether the ice is firm enough in the middle of the pond so that it can carry me.Yes, I should definitely know that.

In the middle of the pond the ice felt a little shaky but – well

Then it happened: the ice sheet under me has broken!And all of a sudden I was in a water hole and the water was so frosty cold that my teeth were rattling.

I immediately tried to pull myself out but the ice under my elbows kept crashing.

My clothes and shoes have now filled up with the freezing water and I have become heavier and heavier. All attempts to somehow pull themselves out of the water pit ended mercilessly … No success

I can’t remember if I called for Hile but that wouldn’t have helped me much because there was no human soul to see.

But all of a moment there had been something moving in the fog that was around the pond.

It was a dark figure who not only moved but ran at high speed to the pond.

It was a shepherd dog.

The dog ran to me, grabbed me by my coat and pushed me through water and ice towards the coast.

The dog has put all its strength into this action.I would be drawn to him.

Then we were both lying on the frozen earth and the dog breathed heavily with his tongue out – must have been totally exhausted.

It was bitterly cold around us.We both trembled.

Then the had encouraged me to get up.

And together we went home.

In case someone asks why I said the and we went home…… I am happy to answer that.

Ea was the shepherd of my neighbours.Her name was ADA. She was always in her front garden that was fenced.

Every morning on the way to school, I opened the small door in the fence and gave ADA half of my break bread.

The day I was in the pond, ADA knew I should have been in trouble.

She just knew.She did something she had never done before: she jumped over the high fence.

She ran to the pond, she found me.And she saved me. Just like that.

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