What was the most shocking behavior you’ve seen in a restaurant?

For decades, a small but nice pizzeria has been in our neighbourhood.I sat there once on Saturday night when there came a whole column of up to fifteen checkers in one go. The tax recherche, the Food and goods Authority, the Aliens Police etc. Reason: There was an employee who suspected that the residence papers were not in order. (A week later he stood there again, so it will have been a loos alarm) All the restaurant in rep and Helm, who was not yet served had to leave, the others under which we could empty the board, checkout and leave.
I thought it was so incredibly rude to bother a hardworking entrepreneur on the evening where he should have the turnover of this way.It could also have been discreetly on Tuesday night, with four men. But no, the through and through cowardly Regiment of pens Likkers picked up a lot on prime time. When I go out I had to not spit at them.

After a museum visit, we sat last to have lunch at the Museum restaurant.We sat in a corner, my girlfriend sat on a couch formed by a piece of fixed furniture that walked into an L to the next table with guests. Because of the shape of the bench there was some space between us and the next table, a young mother suddenly comes to use. She lays her baby next to my girlfriend on the couch. My girlfriend and I exchange a dubious look, kakkebroek of the small out, kakpamper open, changing buttocks, everything literally happens on the 50cm free space of the couch between my girlfriend and the people of the other table. Both we all the neighboring table stand Perplex芒 鈧?娄 at 3 min Everything is pipped, the woman takes a seat behind us and leaves the full pamper folded up, as a kind of trophy on her own table while she quietly nips herself from her white wine. When I am right to leave the restaurant I look towards the exit, the disabled toilet with baby logo are directly in the sight of the mother, the pamper on the table wobbles through the busy movements, I have to mean nothing to say and Grommel Inside the restaurant.

My girlfriend was called by a customer who had eaten a week earlier in the restaurant where she was working.She had eaten with her husband from a plate and her husband had now become very ill. She demanded a compensation because eating the restaurant would have made her husband sick. She had the exact same food on the same board and then calls a week later.

Years ago I was on the beach of Morocco without money.A kind of alternative hippie resort. I was robbed and thereby without money. All very instructive, but sometimes I would like to be less eager to learn.

Here and there I asked someone about a piece of money.The Moroccans of course the gulst, but had little to miss. A French hippie told me, when I asked him for some: ‘ You have to be satisfied with what you have ‘. He did have time for spiritual instruction.

Later I saw the same Frenchman in the simple restaurant on the beach.He ordered a meal and told the owner/cook in detail how he wanted to have the meal. “You have to be satisfied with what you get,” I thought. I was really shocked.

I worked in the hospitality industry.Someone dropped his wallet (two children around 12 years old). When they were gone, I saw the wallet lying down and brought it backwards so he was safe and they could pick it up again. They came back indeed and I gave them their wallets. Then they checked the content and they said that fifty euros was missing. Impossible, I have had the wallet as the only one and I have absolutely nothing removed. Trick to earn sneaky money???

This has been years ago, a Mrs.At the table next to us the waiter had asked to take her plate back because the food was not prepared as she expected
The waiter who said 芒 鈧?艙 if it does not turn you on, then you just bugger op芒 鈧?br>I was really dumbly struck and could not cast a word
(Can’t remember what happened next, I was really too shocked)

A few years ago, on holiday in southern France, my wife and I had reserved a table in a local restaurant, known for its seafood.

Of course we ordered a fish dish.And what nice, the fish was served by the owner himself! When the board was put down by the owner, it casually made the remark that the eyes of the fish had very much gone from my wife’s ‘ slit eyelets ‘. It is of Chinese origin.

My wife and I looked at each other full of disbelief.

The owner walked away from our table, but suddenly stopped when my wife called him loud.

She stood up, walked down on him, pushed him back his own kitchen in screaming that we would never, but never again put a foot in this restaurant.She added that we would make clear everywhere that this restaurant is headed by a very racist owner and that this place should be shuned.

The most shocking behavior?Well, a restaurant owner is pushing back his own kitchen in, or as a restaurant owner to make racist comments to customers. I’ll go for the latter.

PS in different places we have been told about our experience.It may have helped. When we drove past year the restaurant was on sale.

I was sitting in an Indian restaurant and suddenly I heard tapping with a spoon on a metal dish.That was a Sikh who wanted to eat rice until the last grain and he made that excessively loud sound. Then I heard a rock-hard farmer who echoesthe whole restaurant.

The waiter who took second order from that customer immediately appeared.And then the whole ritual repeated itself: from the tapping with the spoon to the letting of rock-hard farmer.

It turned out that it was a kind of compliment to the cook: demonstrating that literally everything was up, that he was full and re-ordering the same because the food was just too good.

Except children who ran wild between the tables and passed a waiter, without apologizing (even the parents did not), there was a bunch that found that the quality of the food would not be worth the price and therefor with the manager wanted Speakers…… AFTER they had eaten it completely.

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