What was the most memorable thing your ‘class clown’ has ever done?

At the end of the final year, my school took the high school to a local indoor pool.The pool had a hot tub, a cozy stream and a water slide, but after the first two hours everything started to hiss. It was just a bunch of 18-year-old boys sitting by the pool and had 10 hours more time to kill.

Feeling bored, the class clown Mike decided that he would take off his swimming trunks and throw down the sluggish current.Then completely naked, he chased desperately, bumped into everyone he passed, and pretended to have lost a newborn. When someone handed it to him, he behaved like the girl pictured below – shy and ashamed as he tried to cover himself. 5 minutes would pass and he would do it again just to get people to get up.

Anyway, one of my classmates, Peter, had enough of this number.

After Mike did this for the second or third time, Peter waited on the edge of the stream. When the swimsuits swam out, he picked them up and walked out of the pool to the top of the water slide, where he hung them over the railing.

When Mike arrived at the end of the river and splashed, he had been naked, stranded and spotted by the lifeguard.This special lifeguard was a kind of weak head. He was this 20-time would-be cop with a shaved head and a bunch of tribal tattoos. Instead of calmly assessing the situation, the lifeguard immediately loses his cool voice and yells at Mike: “What the hell are you doing? You are called a sex offender. Where’s your pants, you damn idiot?”

In the meantime, the pool has become quiet.Everyone, including all teachers and parents, is watching the development of the scene. Mike starts again pretending that everything is embarrassing to him. He says he doesn’t know where it’s going, that he just swam so fast and lost her as a result. That really scares the lifeguard. He turns bright red when Mike asks if he has another one to borrow.

The lifeguard then sees the shorts hanging over the railing on the slide and says: “Get your pants, you fucking idiot!” So Mike comes out of the pool and is still completely naked.In front of his whole class, a few teachers and a few parents, he makes his way to the top of the slide. All the while, he makes all these unpleasant exaggerated attempts to cover himself. When he reaches the upper part, the lifeguard tells him to come down immediately. Mike is holding his swimming trunks, but still hasn’t put on.

Instead of getting dressed, Mike begins to make all these exaggerations, as if he can’t hear what the lifeguard is saying.The lifeguard starts screaming louder as he runs to the slide and screams: “Come down now!” Mike holds a hand over his ear and says, “What did you say? Want to try my swimming trunks? I don’t think it suits you.’

As the lifeguard approaches, Mike makes another exaggerated crap and throws his pants down the slide.He calls the lifeguard for help, who screams back. Then he chases back behind his pants, slides down the slide completely naked and screams with a high voice for someone to help him.

Long speech short sense, Mike was banished from the swimming pool for life and our school was told that we could never hold a graduation party indoors again.But I don’t think there’s a member of my high school who doesn’t remember this moment lovingly and that it has to be worth something, right?

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