What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

In my mid-twenties, I worked in a small but fine advertising agency, and my boss often took me on business trips.

One day we wanted to go to Baden-Baden to meet a big customer, so my boss said we should meet at a motorway rest stop and then continue with his (send and faster) car.

The meeting went well and the customer signed some important documents.For some reason I packed the documents into my own wallet (usually my boss would have had them).

We drove back to the motorway rest area and I loaded all my belongings from his car into my…

… except for the wallet, which I parked on the roof of my car in the meantime.

Then we went (or better, drove) both of our paths.When I arrived at home, the wallet was gone.

I searched my entire car until I suddenly realized that something thick, black had fallen in front of my tires on the highway and I was still furious thinking which idiot would throw something big out of the window.

oh.you. Shit.

I raced back to the rest area like a madman, but of course I couldn’t walk on the highway, so I called the highway police and begged them to come and help me, otherwise I would lose my job.

After about twenty minutes, two young, rather amused police officers showed up.They loaded me into their patrol car and started slowly driving down the highway.

After a kilometre or so, a lot of white papers suddenly appeared in the grass: Apparently some cars had driven over the wallet and it had burst.I was in complete panic. I said I had to find all the papers or I could never go back to work.

One of the policemen put on an orange vest and walked onto the median strip.The other stayed in the car and slowly followed me on the edge as I climbed down into the ditch to collect lost papers, which was made more difficult by the fact that I was in full “Dress for Success” outfit, with high-heeled shoes and silk tights and a tight, knee-length skirt.

I soon found the burst wallet and stuffed all the papers into it.Most of them were in poor condition 鈥?glued with tire tracks and mud, but I thought, as long as I could find the signed original documents and layouts, we could somehow restore them.

After about half an hour I finally climbed up the embankment again, my destroyed wallet with dirty papers pressed protectively to my chest and with running stitches in my tights.

When I swung my leg over the boundary, ratSCH did it!and the back of my tight skirt ripped all the way up to my waist.

I froze in the middle of the movement when I heard a loud laugh behind me.The policeman who had been sitting in the patrol car was standing right behind me and apparently had the best day of his life.

I’m not as much as you can imagine.I made a hasty retreat into the patrol car and then called my boss from the rest stop. I expected him to fire me straight away, but instead he laughed half-jokingly.

There have been other embarrassing moments in my life, but this one is already one of the most memorable.

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