What was the first programming language you learned and why?

Fortran IV. With punch cards.At MacMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, end 1960. It was the only language that accepted the massive computer of the students.

We sat side by side behind the punch machines, and typed one-line code per card.Made it and pile of it, in the correct order, with an elastic band and gave it to the counter where we could get it off after a few hours with the print-out. If it was all okay, Naturlik. Of course, that was seldom the first time, and we had to check each card for and possible mistake. Sometimes it came back with a print-out which indicated possible deviations.

A whole chore, but then also exciting, then also, to turn along at the forefront of technical development.

Splendour time.

Quick Basic.

I have only discovered the computer through the Internet.First a long time in the library. Also discovered HTML and wanted to experiment with it. After much hesitation bought a second hand computer. I was fortunate to be doing a huge misbuy. A 40mB Dos computer.


A miracle that I was pointing out.

There were a number of programs, a spreadsheet program, a file management program, and so on.Also a game of Snake and QBasic

To put some order at first I only created a folder to all the files in the C:/ Folder to move to.

Start again and nothing happened.

My brother had DOS on three hard floppies.Hard floppies, because we were already modern, this was around 2000. Somehow I managed to install this and get the computer to talk again. Then you learn about the startup procedure. AutoExec. Bat is crucial in that. This way you learn about batch programming. There were of course also enough second-hand books on DOS. And becoming that weird QBasic that I encountered. Suddenly I understood it. As if the sky was open.

This was a computer without a mouse.While everyone just works Visual Basic or Delphi 7 The sky opens up for me and I dedicate myself in to the perpetual bliss of QBASIC. Exe.

After first drawing, I learned to let the drawings move.Also the graphical real ness behind the chaos theory, and the chaotic graphs of for example Julia and others, whereby you get through the input to change other graphs. And you have no less than 16 colors!

In doing so you learn more and more.Functions and later also modules, so you learn to use and reuse different files.

An evolutionary program, where you can choose from six different, or worlds of cubes that are grazing around and grass that grows and all sorts of graphical programs where you try to make a kind of artistic reality.

I think I have been working on this for a half to two and a half years.For drawing programs, the computer is so slow that you just see the drawing created. Later on a newer computer, you had to build up a delay for the same wonderful effect, which still feels artificial, but the worlds you create will be faster, so you won’t see twenty to one hundred generations but one hundred to a few thousand. Also on those newer computers you could still just run DOS and QBASIC, Windows was just a peel and the core was still DOS.

Later on Visual Basic to Delphi Pascal, which unfortunately hardly still exists, but with those screens you do not have the same blissful feeling as a child with scissors and glue pot, as with QBASIC in DOS itself.

After about ten years there again some stopped.But PHP, for my own content manager. Now got some JS, but I’m sitting without a computer.

The drawing in my profile is not a computer drawing, but still from the era for the computer, just hand made.

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