What was like a teacher the most worthless that you have seen a parent do?

Oh, how should I choose from so many possibilities… Although most of one school come, there are still many to choose from.

Let’s start with the parent who took two of her children to a “ten minute conversation”.The children were constantly to misbehave and to fighting. After a little while the mother cried, “Stop beating!!!”, while she gave one of them a corrective tap on the shoulder.

Or the mother who came to me at the end of the day in my classroom, as she usually did, and started talking to me.After a while, something was moving on her shirt, she also noticed, and she quietly wiped a cockroach off her shirt on the floor, without stopping talking. Newly.

There were quite a few mothers at that school who just walked my classroom and started talking to me about random things.

So there was a mother who always came in very short bottoms and small tank tops, sometimes with and sometimes without BH. It often happened on hot days that it was impossible to notice a certain feminine scent around her.She often brought her little chihuahua with her-which of course is no distraction in a classroom full of children. On a nice spring morning she came to my desk at the beginning of the day, just after we had started the day. She asked me to come to the corridor so she could explain the absence of her daughter that day before. She told me that their house had been burnt out 2 days before, and that they tried to save and settle as much as possible. She said they had no more clothes, hence the absence, and that they had been to the Red Cross (or Salvation Army), who had given them brand new sweaters and jogging trousers (and of course, her daughter’s sweater was pink, and that of her Smaller little brother was black) and vouchers to spend the night in a hotel nearby. During the days that followed, the other parents had given and settled donations, including some money, because they had indicated that they had lost everything. About 10 days later her daughter came to school in old clothes. From pure curiosity I asked. She sputtered and stamged what and couldn’t answer, so I sent her back to her place in the classroom. Later that week I spoke to the teacher of her brother and he told me that the little brother had told him that only a small part of the kitchen had burnt out, and that even that part was still to be used. The boy, who was only 6 years old, thought it was a good idea to tell his master. So their mother had the Red Cross, the other parents in school, and who knows who is even more scammed. The next day, the mother came back to school in her short shorts and small top, walking around and talking as if nothing was going on, without seeing a tiny bit of pubic red on her jaws.

You cannot invent this.

A very wealthy couple who sent their children to school with very worn washed clothes.Their son even wore the blouses with the sister’s side. There was also a lady who always came over to do her story about the calves, the non stop, without breathing what she had done that day and who she had seen, without ever asking 1 time how her two children did it at school. A toddler who had to go home only on foot to get burns that were made with cigarettes by the heroin-addicted mother. And then another drunk mother who was on the phone (on average 2 X/week) that the children had to return to the shelter because she was too busy (at her work?????) and that we could bring the children to the caf茅 in the neighborhood after closing time , there they would find someone who would give them a biscuit of coffee. Too much to mention here.

I would find it pretty worthless as a teacher when I would see that a parent writes “valueless” instead of “the most worthless”.

No teacher.I do know that someone from my school in the middle of his mother made just about all his homework for him. Even for group works he and a friend would be gaming above while the mommy then prepared for them down the oral presentation. Most of the class knew this, most teachers also but ultimately they can’t really do anything against it. He did always have great points that boy.

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