What was it like to be German after the Second World War?

Since I cannot make a direct personal contribution to this, here is what I have heard from my family:
First of all, especially in the winter of hunger, it was all about survival.Soup kitchens and care packages were the only hope.
It was the cause of the Nazis, who were elected by the Germans themselves to rebuild destroyed land, also in view of the absence of the men – soldiers and civilians from Hitler boys (“Die Br├╝cke”) to the high-aged “Vokkssturm” the Hitler’s conquest and conquest War of extermination had been killed, wounded and crippled, or they had not yet returned from Russian captivity – if they returned.
Many did not want to see what had happened, liked to read in the “bunte” stories about the “heroes” Prien, Rommel, Marseille and Rudel and the clean Wehrmacht and that not everything was bad.The Holocaust did not take place with them for a long time.
They relieved each other, the old ropes in politics and administration did the rest.People who really wanted to rework the story were called “nest polluters”, war crimes accusations were suppressed or delayed, the gas chambers denied, as well as the countless war crimes. Those who had cheered Goebbels “Total (Bomb) War” now stylized themselves as the victims of an alleged Allied “bomb holocaust”, the lies of “re-education” and “preventive war” were born – like the “Dolchsto├člegende” after the 1st WW. Politicians who were called Willy Brandt, resisters like Stauffenberg or Scholl were called “fatherland traitors” (does we seem to be known today – right?): it still took decades until deserters and the victims of the “People’s Court” were rehabilitated. The widow of Blutrichter Freissler (unfortunately killed in a bomb attack) received a state pension.
The unspeakable relativization and denial continues to this day.

A refurbishment only began in the 1970s, accompanied by violent protests by the perpetually yesterdays and deniers.It is not surprising that, especially in the countries that were bribed by the German soldiers and often terrorized, they were hostile. But that is probably over – I have not experienced the same thing, even though I have been in europe since the beginning of the 1980s.

Today, with my hobby-like work in relation to war victims, I am helping to heal the wounds, also through friendly contacts in France, Great Britain, USA and Canada also with personal meetings with families who have lost loved ones in this Madness of the world wars.And these families were very happy about it. Others can no longer – these senseless deaths have left families dead.

To make this clear:
I am not to blame – but I am not responsible, even when I took my oath to the Federal Republic and served it – and I still do so with regard to that oath.
And I will do justice to that in the best possible way.

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