What was ‘ high-tech ‘ in your home when you were young?

In the years 70 We had one of the first (colour) televisions with a wireless remote control:

The remote control was huge and worked with ultrasonic sound.

That found our cat terrible, which could obviously hear it (nowadays remotes work with infra-red light).

The batteries of the remotes were also very quickly discharged.

Also we had (around 1977, I was five years old) a VCR from one of the first generations that came for sale for consumers, a Philips VCR.

This was before VHS, Betamax and V2000 came out.

There were huge cassettes in the VCR (below right in the picture).

There you could record an hour of picture and sound with it.

My dad had made a cassette with Tom & Jerry cartoons for me that I watched very often (you had barely television with only two television nets during the day).

Later there was a Philips Videopac game console.A drugged what big blocky pixels on the screen toverde. That was around 1979 when I was a year or 7.

The games were in very nice packaging with beautiful artwork.

However, the games were very ugly, certainly comparing to the Atari 2600 which came to the market around the same time.

In 1983 there was a Commodore 64 in the place..

An 8 bit home computer for which a huge amount of games came out and I learned to program.

Radio distribution, later renamed Wire Broadcasting.

Actually a forerunner of the cable nets. A loudspeaker and a switch on the wall hung for 4 channels. Was also a lot to be found in schools. Wire Broadcasting-Wikipedia

I was young in the fifties of the last century.

Real High Tech was just not there. You had radio, short wave amateurs and radar (from WWII). Everything was still electromechanical and the amplifier electronics in the radio was a question of radio lamps or electron tube-Wikipedia.In America, television was already in most people’s home, but with us I believe it was only the end of the 1950s. The Transistor-Wikipedia was only invented in 1954 and I only came to the market at the end of the fifties in the Netherlands and that was actually the beginning of the electronic revolution.
I started in 1959 with electronics when Philips launched the pioneer radio construction set series.I was then 9 years old… as there were no tubes in it (dangerous high voltage!) I got this pioneer I as a gift. If I can remember well the basic building box cost 脝 ‘ 9.95 and the Pioneer II 脝 ‘ 14, 95芒 鈧?娄.

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