What tips do you have for someone who is a passenger on a motorcycle for the first time?

Make sure your passenger, like you, wears decent and safe clothing.That is to say, a fully enclosed, inspected helmet, a motorcycle vest, a motorcycle trousers, motorcycle boots, and motorcycle gloves. That should be self-evident, but unfortunately it is not for some.

Try to make sure that you can communicate via a (built-in) headphone and microphone.In this way, the driver can announce certain things, such as thresholds and sharp curves. Ask the driver to do that too. If you are driving straight ahead all the time, you can be surprised by a sudden sharp bend. For the driver, that (hopefully) is clearly visible, but for you as a passenger may not always be. If your attention has been wiped out a little bit, it can pose dangerous situations if you are not notified beforehand.

In this way, the passenger can also let them know if something is wrong or if he or she wants to stop.If you don’t have that, you can also communicate 芒 鈧?虄tastbaar芒 鈧劉. Thus, two times can knock mean 芒 鈧?艙stop where possiblen芒 鈧? while knocking three times can mean 芒 鈧?艙stop now immediately! 芒 鈧?

Good communication is also important when getting on and off.Always wait until the driver indicates that you can step up or get off. You want to avoid the motorcycle falling over or that the driver is driving away while you are thinking of being able to get off. The motorcycle must of course dwell, and the driver must keep him upright while you step up. The driver must also wait to leave until you give the signal.

For a good driver this goes without saying, but ask him or her explicitly to drive quietly and speak clearly what can and what cannot.In 4 seconds pulling up from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour might be nice for the driver, but for you as a passenger it might be a little less fun. Also, the driver should try to switch very smoothly. That is of course also a bit of experience. The phenomenon of the colliding helmets is difficult to avoid 100%, but smooth shifting can make everything more enjoyable.

Also ask yourself if you want to drive with that driver.Maybe it looks like I’m exaggerating, but the driver has your life at that moment, even more than in a car. If the driver has insufficient experience or lack of responsibility, do not do it.

Don’t stick too tightly to the driver.This can be quite annoying, and I had a lot of trouble. Try to stick to the provided handles, or stick to the driver’s vest.

Also don’t lean too much.The rule of thumb is to look over the driver’s shoulder and no more. Then you lean naturally just enough. Too much leaning can be destabilising and therefore dangerous. Also leaning at low speed or at standstill can be quite tricky, any small movement can then be destabilising.

Also beware of the exhaust.With a good motorcycle pants you are partly protected, but be aware that this exhaust can become quite hot. As a passenger with certain models you are also just above!

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