What things should you miss if you want to be successful?

Moin MOin,

What is success?When are you successful? You have to be able to answer this question for yourself so that you know in the end if you are/ not.

For me, success means: the continuous realization of a goal or ideal that you appreciate.

Successful people are characterized by many characteristics, as well as the unsuccessful people.

No social media after getting up.

For many of us, the first grip after waking up goes to the mobile phone.You ask yourself, “Who wrote? Do I have a What’s App? Mail? Who liked my photo on Instagram?” Do you do it similarly?

What you are doing with it, I will describe to you:

You give up your complete self-determination in the first few minutes of the day and get into a reactivemode, but not in the desired pro-active mode.You give up your ownresponsibility, enter into foreign hands, lose the clear spirit and inner peace.Instead of focusing on you, yourecreate foreign messages, down into the trap of foreign determination.

Through the constant use of social media, a small dopamine release, our happiness hormone, takes place.You get a LIKE for your post, Dopamine…. The body cannot handle a constant release and becomes addicted to it.It has been proven that diseases can even develop in the long run.

The mobile phone teaches you to stop focusing properly. It defocuses because it trains your brain to constantly react to something.

A very very deviating point is that you are “called” to comparisons by the constant use of the smartphone.You can’t help but compare yourself to other successful people. Your conclusion: he has a great life, I don’t have that…., I’m not good enough, etc… . You get into a dissatisfaction, self-pity and and the bad emotion of envy.

Furthermore, the following picture shows you what distinguishes unsuccessful people:

Without the properties shown above, it will be enormously difficult to succeed.

  • For example, you have to pay attention to your health because oh health is nothing.

The healthy person has many desires, the sick only one who knows what it is all about.

  • Take responsibility for each of your decisions and actions.
  • You are where you are today because you have decided so much.

  • Without self-discipline, it will be nothing.
  • There will be difficulties, obstacles will arise and you will be in doubt. Without self-discipline, you can’t get on now.

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    The best books on this topic were written by Steffen Kirchner, mental coach of the German Olympic team in 2012 and also Brian Tracy.

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