What things should you do to purify your mind and concentrate?

It is very human: you are at work and you are distracted. You give it five minutes of attention, or ten, or a half hour.And when you return to what you were doing, you have no idea where you sat or lost your drive. Your focus won’t come back and you’re less productive or creative.

The world completely shut out is usually not to do.But how do you keep your focus on your work? Here are 7 ideas.

1.Create a daily to-do list and put it next to you.

Even though you can easily create a list on your PC or smartphone, I still find a frame on paper handy.If it is on your PC or Smartphone, you start to “check” other things or answer text messages for example.
On a to-do list, you can also physically strikethrough what you have done.
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2.Prioritize your tasks

Do you know when people are most productive at work?The first hour of the working day. So plan all your toughest and most challenging tasks. Then do the less tiring business and finish with the most boring routine tasks.
If you do this, you won’t get stressed by those important projects at the end of your workday.

3.Find inspiration and fun

Wonder why you would do something before you start.What value does the job have? Then remember how you can make the task more meaningful. This way you strengthen your motivation and your focus as well.

4.Tackle your work environment

Being working is also physically burdensome.So make sure you have a good chair and a work table at the right height. And well on: too much clutter on your desk distracts your attention. Only what you need can be kept lying down. You can also organize your digital work environment so that you are as distracted as possible: Use shortcuts for commonly used programs, put all files associated with one project or task into one folder, and make sure your virus program and other software is up to date.

5.Drink and eat healthily

Water is not only healthy, it refreshes you too.So keep it within reach. Because a ratting stomach is not conducive to your concentration, a healthy snack also helps your focus.
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6.Turn on your headphones

You work in a landscape desk with chatter from colleagues around you, ringing phones, noise from air conditioning, printers, copiers,…?Protect yourself from all these distractions with your headphones to better focus. You don’t necessarily have to listen to something. Finally, you want to be able to hear your own phone or colleague. Much depends on your precise job content of course. But if you can work autonomously for a long time, you can also try out an app/website like Coffitivity or Focus @ Will .

7.Be “unreachable”

Not every phone call is so urgent.You can turn your phone off, shut it down or put it on voice mail the moment you really need all your attention. And in chat programs you can put “busy” or “invisible”.
Some people make the work distinction between “Do not Disturb” time and “open Door time”, for example in their diary or via a symbol/sign on their desk.When others know and respect, you can work without being disturbed. And they want that as well!

In the book “More Time in 12 steps” is a complete chapter on “Focus”.Order your copy via this link from the publishing house the egg of Columbus.

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