What things are you proud of?

I am proud of my stamina.

No matter what happened to me in life, I always pulled out the positives and focused on them.Once I found almost no way out, but the love for man and nature made me continue. I firmly believe that we can all do great things, and I am grateful to share my abilities with the world. Perseverance has changed my life!

Here’s a little story:

Once upon a time there was a small seed.This God wanted to send to earth, because it had a special task. However, it did not really know what to do with its size, as all the trees and plants on earth were larger than a small seed. So God asked it:

“Dear God, how can I please make a difference when everyone else is greater and stronger than me?”

“That’s a good question, dear seed.I have already thought of this, and you will be buried as soon as you are on earth.”

The seed did not quite understand what God meant by it, but trusted him and dared to be sent to earth by God.

Once there, it found itself in the shade of huge trees, and got almost no light, as the others took everything away from it. It became more and more sad because it felt that nothing could be done in the shade of these majestic trees. So it turned to God.

“Dear God, can you help me?I’ve been sitting in the same spot for weeks now and it just doesn’t happen. Besides, everyone else is stronger and bigger than me.” God answered:

“Have patience.Soon you will know why you are waiting.”

Thus God disappeared again and the seed was alone again.

That night, a squirrel approached the seed, and buried it under a large oak in the earth. The seed had long admired the oak, and it felt honoured to be so close to the oak. But the dirt under the ground was very much in the grain. It could no longer receive any light at all, and it was cold and dark.

In the following days there were heavy rainstorms and the earth was completely soaked.The seed suffocated almost all the water, and so it said again to God:

“Dear God, it’s cold, dark and wet here.Why don’t you help me get out of there?” God answered:

“Have patience.Soon you will know why you are waiting.”

As the rain drew to a close, an extreme heat wave overcame the area.

For months, the heat dragged on the forest, until a forest fire finally broke out, completely destroying the entire forest. Nothing was left, only the small seed lay motionless under the ground and could not stir. It was very sad that the mighty oak had disappeared. But now light finally fell on the earth, and the soil was filled with nutrients. And it came to pass: the grain began to grow, and broke through the earth. A few weeks later it was a small plant, and three years later it was already a 10 meter high tree. Now the small seed had grown. But it was still very sad, because there was no one in the area except him. So God asked for advice:

“Dear God, please help me!I am now tall and strong but all alone! What should I do?” And God answered,

“Have patience.Soon you will know why you are waiting.”

A few days later, the seed suddenly recognized some pine cones on the branches.

These fell off and were blown away by the wind, and found their way underground. After a good year, small fir trees suddenly came out of the earth everywhere, and after 10 more years a huge forest was created, which was even larger than the previous one. Now the little seed was happy and turned to God one last time before returning to his kingdom:

“Dear God, why did you not tell me that such a huge forest would arise from me?If I had known, my life would have been much easier!”

And this time God answered:

‘You’re right, it would have been really easier.But after you have passed so many hard times, and even gone through the worst dirt, and finally broken it, you have learned to appreciate life. You have learned to keep going and never give up. Not even the heavy rain has been able to defeat you! On the contrary, you used the water to grow. If I had told you earlier what was coming, you would not have experienced exciting surprises in life, and I told you: Be patient! Soon you will know why you are waiting.”

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