What subject should there be in school, but it is not offered?

For more than ten years, I have been giving voluntary technical instruction at primary schools in Darmstadt and my place of residence.My activity is classified as a subject matter. The class teacher is present.

I determine the teaching material and Most of the teaching materials I have made myself.With the tools for naive science teaching, I do not come to the subject in a targeted manner. Most of the components I get from China via Ebay. In the meantime, we have also made over a thousand shortwave radios. This project is always preceded by an exercise in electronic soldering. But for the introduction and far less demanding, we naturally deal with the well-known subject-matter. The children learn how to use the electric current. They are alerted to all dangers and know how to behave during the thunderstorm. They build their own potato battery and experience the technological development of the power of this energy source when they charge a 1F capacitor with a 9V block battery and thus weld nails. They experience impressively how much more energy is in the small block battery than they had previously observed. You will learn how the electric current behaves at high electrical voltage and how it is represented at very large currents. You know the relationship between light and radio waves. You learn the binary number system and can explain why the equation 1 + 1 = 10 is correct. But they also hear about the smallest and the greatest in nature, the atom and the sun in relation to the earth, our galaxy and the Big Bang theory. They experience by knowledge their classification in the middle of all orders of magnitude. She is modest about that. You no longer have to explain to them what the meaning of sustainability is. They respect nature and from now on deal with resources responsibly. By leaving primary school, they have matured and will continue to have a positive impact. They know more than other students after my class.

Here is the link to a website that I care for especially for the children of these vintages:


In my opinion, not enough is being done to promote STEM knowledge in primary schools.In my experience, this will not change any time soon with politics. In my view, however, it is precisely this education that is extremely important in order to maintain our usual standard of living in the future. The most important raw material in a HighTechLand is kwowHow! Only good engineering knowledge secures us a leading position in the world market of products and services. Unfortunately, those who continue to neglect this area of education are not held accountable.

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