What show you just wanted to try out, did you end up “binquilted”?

I don’t have television anymore and here in that US this would not be a quick show, but I got acquainted with a BBC series called Time Team and apparently many years there. I have watched almost all episodes of a little twenty years in a fairly short time… Yeah, very much, I know.

Time Team-Season 9, Episode 7-Iron Age Market (Helford, Cornwall)

With me it was about several shows and series.

  • Star Trek the Original Series I have of course seen episodes of this series before.

But around 2010 I looked at an episode and I found it so good and then went to see all the episodes

  • Doctor Who -the same Story as Star Trek TOS.
  • I was initially interested in Doctor Who because of a documentary on Discovery Channel about missing Doctor Who episodes. But then it was interested and now I have seen most of the whole series.

  • Agatha Christie’s Poirot [1 -in 2017 I went to the BIOS To see Murder on the Orient Express .
  • I liked the film well and I was interested in the rendition of David Suchet who came out earlier. This was a re-introduction, I’ve seen some episodes before on TV, but now I’ve really seen all the episodes of him.

    The apartment building where Poirot lives in the series [2

    I hope to have answered this question.


    [1 Agatha Christie’s Poirot-Wikipedia

    [2 File: Florin Court (2). jpg-Wikipedia

    The Walking Dead -I’m not a big zombie fan, but when I was there halfway through the second season, and it turned out that the ‘ walkers ‘ were in fact side-up in a well-written series, I was quickly sold, and finally got in front to see everything.

    The last two seasons fell against, but not enough to give up. And frankly, the last few episodes come back near the original level. Anyway, I keep watching even if Rick steps out…

    The Sopranos -best.Series. Ever. It starts slow, but after a few episodes the series comes on Steam, and it started Bingen. That true short nights… Everything beats that series, the casting director deserves a statue, just like the protagonist James Gandolfini.. R.I.P…

    Travellers -You know it, you have an hour left, too short for a movie, and it still takes weeks/months for THE new TWD or GOT season to begin.”Travellers try?” Next day, after episode 6: ” onemore?”.It’s not sopranos, yet maybe. But well acted, cast and written. Good enough to forgive the gaping time travelers-plot holes. Oh well, what science fiction has it ever done right when it arrives on time travel? This way of time travel was in any case original, and entertaining. The series had earned more seasons, luckily the story was quite round.

    And then there’s the series I expected it to be a ‘ Binger ‘, but I didn’t get through it:

    Breaking Bad: After 1.5 season specified.They say it gets better, but I was annoyed by all those characters who make each episode the wrong choice. Sometimes it ‘ NS accidentally should go well… The series has many fans, almost all my friends were addicted, but it was not spent on me.

    Game of Thrones.

    My English teacher in the 2nd Class of Havo/Vwo was fond of the show, and often explained the plot to pupils.First I did not give much attention to it, but when I heard the word “Dragons” Fall I was sold! I didn’t know what I was expecting, but when I watched the first episode I immediately loved it. The series is amazing, and is full of action, conspiracies and things are always happening that surprise me! I even for the fourth time completely overnew to following because of the new season that airs on April 14th.It is a show/style that you should love, and so highly recommended for the fiction/fantasy fans!

    Full House.I saw it pass a few months on Netflix, and I was going to watch the first episode. Then I found it not so nice (idk why Hahah). A while ago I saw it again, and I thought to myself: I’m a fan of old series and movies and comedy, why didn’t I like it? And I went to watch it again. Haven’t stopped since then, I love it.


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