What should you look for when building your own home?

[“I also built a house myself, but I don’t live there anymore. I say that, because people often think that they are going to build their ‘ dream house ‘ with their own house as well. You have to do that, but do not stare at it blindly. Build a house with the thought that you may want to sell it once again and that it is suitable for a wide audience.
When building a private home comes a lot of look.I keep it short here, because you can also find a lot about it on the Internet.
First of all you have to have a lot.So you have to pay for it before you can start building and so long before you can start living in the house to build. That period between the purchase of the lot and the involvement of the house costs money. You have to take into account that you have double living expenses for a long time. The construction time often runs out, so take a possible stretch with it.
Once you have won that lot, you will have to find an architect.Architects are often enrolled in the Federation of Dutch Architects. They have a list of their members. But of course you can also googling a local architect and checking if he is a member. It goes without saying that you choose an architect who has built something you like. You can still choose which material you want to have made the house (mainly), whether it is more or less durable and energy-friendly (it requires legal minimum requirements), etc.
Apart from the design, the architect will also take care of the building application for the municipality, so that your house complies with all regulations.When purchasing the lot, keep in mind that the municipality sets certain limits to the dimensions and whether, for example, there must be a saddle roof on the house. You can also contact the municipality for subsidy schemes for solar panels and other sustainable energy solutions. At the municipality you control the connections for gas, water, electricity, telephone, and wastewater. There are costs involved.
Apart from an architect, you will also need a constructor.Apart from the necessary calculations and drawings of the construction, he also supplies material to the municipality to have the EEA approved.
The architect will also tell you what it’s all going to cost.You may have already completed a mortgage with a certain amount in mind, because you have already bought a lot and made an advance on the construction costs. There are also professional calculators that can determine the price up to the Euro.
A cutlery writer will work with you and the architect to write a cutlery detailing every part of the house and how it should be applied.
Then you go looking for a contractor.It will present you with a definitive price, using the drawings and the specifications. Check that the company is well insured, because contractors are going bankrupt very quickly! And that also applies to subcontractors (painters, installation companies).
Furthermore, you can choose to let the architect do the supervisors work or someone else.There are professionals who only do just that work and know how to deal with contractors. There you can take advantage of this, because building a house for a longer period of time and then you do not want to be stuck with mistakes and problems that you are looking at for years to come.
The implementation is the most critical period.Make sure you have time to start watching often, preferably with the architect or supervisor. At the end, a delivery will take place in which all possible errors are recorded so that the contractor has to repair it contractually. Nevertheless, as with any product, you have a guarantee. Make sure you get all warranty proofs of applied parts or devices (CV, boiler, etc.).
If you don’t have a lot of money and still have two right hands, you can consider doing some work yourself.Do not make it too difficult to do so and do not walk the contractor for the feet, because that doesn’t mean ‘ ie ‘. Remember that you can have a kitchen set up in time.

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